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International LED Lighting Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand, June 2019

May 24, 2019

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2019/6/27 to 2019/6/29

Venue: Bangkok

Organizer: Impact exhibition management co., LTD. Indian media exhibition co., LTD


Exhibition scope:

LED application & lighting;

LED lighting products;

LED products;

LED signboard & display;

LED components/accessories and raw materials;

LED driver and power supply;

LED production equipment/machinery and related products;Related services.

The detailed information

Thailand, with a land area of 513,120 square kilometers, has a liberal economic policy and was relatively economically developed in the 1990s

It is one of the emerging industrial countries and emerging market economies in the world.But in the

After a major setback in the 1998 economic crisis, China fell into recession and stagnation.Currently, the permanent population of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, exceeds 10 million.

As a major city of tourism, because the local climate is hot, night is sightseeing time, so there is a considerable demand for lighting, according to

There is a huge market opportunity.According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2017, Thailand was one of the top ten LED lighting export countries in China

Number ten.

Thailand is an important economy in Asia and a member of the association of southeast Asian nations, the second largest economy in southeast Asia, according to the Wall Street journal

Economy, second only to Indonesia.With the strong growth of the Thai economy, stadiums, municipal squares, roads, transportation, airports, campuses,

Supermarkets, Banks and other construction and transformation in full swing, Thailand has a great demand for LED lighting equipment.