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International Lighting Exhibition For Latin America And The Caribbean (panama), July 2019

May 06, 2019

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2019/7/25 to 2019/7/27

Where: panama city

Hosted by Inter lumi America Expo Group, as a new "member" of the global lighting industry Expo, it will open in June 2017 at the Atlapa convention center in panama.

Visitors to the exhibition mainly come from lighting manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors/retailers, designers and so on.


Exhibition scope:

Commercial lights, decorative lights, light bulbs, emergency lights, LED products and technologies,

Outdoor & public lighting, professional lighting, control and management equipment,

Energy and power supply, lighting accessories and assemblies, production & testing equipment.

The detailed information

Latin America is an emerging market.Panama's international trade is very developed, but the exhibition market is very emerging.At present, panama has no professional building materials exhibition, let alone professional lighting exhibition. There are only two international professional exhibitions, namely panama international auto parts exhibition in June and panama international tire exhibition in July. The first two exhibitions were held in 2014 and 2011 respectively.Despite the short history of these two exhibitions, the effect of the exhibition was unanimously recognized by the participants.

It is because of panama's strong market potential and the absence of a professional and international lighting exhibition platform, so America. 

Expo Group decided to hold the first professional lighting exhibition in panama together with the us department of commerce, the American chamber of commerce of panama, the Mexican lighting industry association and the colon free trade zone of panama