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International New Display Technology Exhibition 2019

Apr 28, 2019

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2019/6/26 to 2019/6/28

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center

China optical optoelectronics industry association liquid crystal branch: China optical optoelectronics industry association liquid crystal branch is currently the only national industry organization for the new display industry.The branch was established in July 1996 and now has 360 members (till the end of 2017), which are distributed all over mainland China, including display device (panel) manufacturing enterprises, main and auxiliary material manufacturing enterprises, special equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, etc.

Excitation excitation expansion exhibition co., LTD. Shanghai: Shanghai exhibition co., LTD., and is composed of reed exhibitions, the world's leading exhibition and conference activities organizer) and Shanghai exhibition service co., LTD., a professional planning and organization of large and medium-sized exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad company) a joint venture in China in 2015, is a touch screen and display industry well-known exhibition organizer, a nice expo group in China is also one of the nine outstanding member companies.


Exhibition scope:

Category exhibits

Display panel manufacturers AMOLED, PMOLED, si-oled, LCD, OLCD, LED,

Mini LED, Micro LED, laser display

Touch screen manufacturer: capacitive touch screen (ITO, graphene, silver nanowire, conductive polymer, carbon nanotube, metal grid), acoustic/optical/infrared touch screen, resistive touch screen, touch screen application software and solution supplier, touch screen display module

OLED panel manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing enterprises PI coating/curing equipment, laser annealing crystallization equipment, metal induced crystallization equipment, ion doping equipment, tensioning machine, evaporation equipment,?Glass packaging equipment, film packaging equipment, laser stripping equipment, printing display equipment, equipment accessories

Display panel manufacturing general equipment and accessories manufacturing enterprises film deposition equipment, photoresist coating/curing equipment, exposure equipment, development equipment, dry etching equipment, wet etching equipment, photoresist stripping equipment, film coating/curing equipment, friction/light distribution equipment, point coating frame glue equipment

Spacer dispersing equipment, liquid crystal injection equipment/sealing equipment, substrate position-pressing equipment,

TAB equipment, COG/COB/COF equipment, glass cutting equipment, polarizer sticking equipment, frame assembly equipment, LCD repair equipment, laser repair, factory automation system, curing/drying equipment, equipment accessories

Screen printing machine, coating/developing (curing, exposure, etching) cleaning equipment, laser

The detailed information

With the development of interactive display products to the direction of super-large size, high definition and quick response in the future, new display materials, manufacturing technology and market competition pattern are undergoing profound changes.To accelerate DISPLAY industry market transformation, development of new technology promote innovative DISPLAY technology and the future application of fusion, CHINA liquid crystal optical photoelectron industry association branch excitation expansion exhibition co., LTD (CODA) and Shanghai (Reed Kuozhan), jointly organized by the international new DISPLAY technology (DISPLAY CHINA), DISPLAY panels, processing and manufacturing, testing, components, components, raw materials and auxiliary materials, etc.In the industry's giants gathered in the hall, visitors can not only actively experience all sorts of mass product and cutting edge technology in the field of photoelectric display, also can be in the same period rich contents, various forms of theme activities and grasp the changing industry trends, hot and expand the multi-dimensional field of vision, and by the organizers to provide online business matching service worth more cooperation opportunities, optimize purchasing decisions, extend the network to support career development.

At the same time activities

2019 Shanghai international new display technology BBS

2019 flexible display key materials technology seminar

2019 vehicle display technology peak BBS

Seminar on development trends of new display and innovative applications, 2019

Seminar on display industry development between China and Japan in 2019

The exhibition highlights

1. Special area for field purchase of display equipment and materials

Based on the actual procurement needs of panel enterprises, we invite the procurement personnel of boe, tianma, xinli, cec panda, huike, hehuiguang, and vicino to make on-site contact with the suppliers of advanced equipment and materials at home and abroad.

2. Innovative product display area

In the age of IoT, display has become more widely used as a window for human-computer interaction.In order to promote the full communication of display panel, display terminal equipment key software and hardware, display terminal product manufacturers, in order to develop display products with innovative technology and market advantages, improve the image of display industry and market competitiveness, encourage new technology development.During the international new display technology exhibition, the "innovative products award" exhibition and awarding activities will be held.