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Japanese Enterprises Develop Vehicle Vibration Power Generation Technology, With LED Lights As Stop Line

Jun 25, 2019

Japanese ZhuZhongGongWu club announced and southern hunan metaltec to jointly develop a patent of the vehicle vibration power generation technology, can be embedded in the road, when the vehicle can be carried out on after power generation, at the same time cooperate to save electricity as an LED module, is currently the CITY of ginowan, Okinawa PARCO CITY department store parking lot test, using in the parking lot in four such power generation device, and to stop line to install LED lights, as when the vehicle stop line near the warning.


The technology through the inverse magnetostrictive material as the foundation, through applying mechanical stress on the material to generate power, but the traditional technical capacity is insufficient, the practical application is limited, and the southern hunan ZhuZhongGongWu clubs and metaltec development technology is through the direct transfer vehicle vibration energy to the generator, make its have high capacity.In the Okinawa experiment, a warning light in front of the stop line lit up by driving a generator as the vehicle approached it.


The stop line application is just one of the possible cases, according to ZhuZhongGongWu club, if in a bigger place traffic can achieve sustainable power generation, electric storage facilities, and collocation can as more applications such as road, road signs, for example, institutions, and because the technology using separate generator can operate independently in the absence of electric power network environment, for example in the sparsely populated suburbs can also save a lot of infrastructure costs.