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Led Interior Lighting Several Major Features

Jan 19, 2017

What's the most environmentally friendly indoor lamp? cheapest? now, many people will choose to buy led interior lighting. Of course, the results are displayed, and advantages of led interior lighting are inseparable. Below, we take a look at, which led interior lighting characteristic?

① LED bulb is made of imported components, design, saving significant, practical, safe and reliable, long service life, the product is the most environmentally friendly, most energy-efficient lighting. LED lamp Cup compared with incandescent lamps can be saving every year each 101.52.

② using ultra-high brightness LED as the light source, light and comfortable, soft, no Flash, no ultraviolet radiation, with small size, ease of installation, adjustable projection angle, elegant design, large voltage selectable range: 12V, 24V, 110V 220V.

③ rich colors, there are several main colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful.

④ easy installation: interface type, domestic application of the b-series, E27, MR16, foreign for the e series, GU series, MR series Division can be customized.

⑤ wide application range: suitable for corridors, toilets, corridors, rooms, hotels, bars, restaurants, and create an atmosphere, home lighting, entertainment venues, shopping centres, office buildings, exhibition halls, landscape, lighting engineering planning.
In addition, led interior lighting in use there are two areas that require special attention: led interior lighting indoor use only, protection level IP54;led interior lighting to avoid as much as possible by hand.