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LED Lighting Industry Deep Reshuffle Strong Ribs And Bones Still Need To Find A Breakthrough Point

Sep 23, 2019

     China LED lighting industry scale and forecast from 2012 to 2022 (unit: 100 million yuan)

Eight years later, the so-called "guangzhou optical valley", which is known as the "never-ending LED lighting industry exhibition and trade platform", withdrew.

    "Guangzhou optical valley" is the first phase project of guangzhou international commodity exhibition and trade city, which opened in November 2011.It plans to bring together the whole industrial chain of LED and lighting industry, upper, middle and lower, to build an international procurement platform integrating product r&d, design, display, testing, logistics, e-commerce, financial support and other functions.However, as one of the star projects of guangzhou's key construction, "guangzhou optical valley" suffered a setback.

    Some reports believe that behind the decline of "guangzhou optical valley" refraction, is the LED industry to explore the transformation of pain.However, the science and technology daily reporter interviews related industry experts that this is not the case.

    Lamp ACTS the role ofing sells the closing curtain cannot reflect industry condition

    "Guangzhou optical valley" is located in panyu district of guangzhou city, far from the city center.Public information shows that guangzhou international commodity exhibition and trade city is the key construction project of guangzhou in 2008, and the landmark project of guangzhou's "eleventh five-year plan" for commercial development. It is listed in the top ten key projects of guangdong province in 2009.The planned area of the project is about 4800 mu, with a total investment of more than 15 billion yuan.Among them, "guangzhou optical valley" covers an area of 252 mu, with a building area of 266,000 square meters.

    In 2011, media reported that the first batch of leading enterprises settled in "guangzhou optical valley" were all domestic and foreign industry "giants", honeywell lang, osram, midea, Shanghai yameen and other dozens of leading enterprises took the lead in entering."Guangzhou optical valley" also creatively put forward the supply chain financial service model, to solve the problem of difficult financing entering enterprises.At the same time, "guangzhou optical valley" set up the government, enterprise procurement designated center, dealer procurement base, and expand the international procurement market in Japan, the United States.Japan's optical valley co., ltd. confirmed the Japanese government's annual purchase order of about 20 billion yuan of LED lighting products.

    At that time, the "optical valley of guangzhou" had infinite scenery.What makes a person sigh is, nowadays "guangzhou optics valley" form bright contrast with it.At present, it has been re-decoration, re-investment, ready to transform into hotel supplies and daily provisions stores.Most of the shop surface on the ground floor of the venue has been rented out and will be delivered to merchants in August this year.

    What dilemma does "guangzhou optical valley" encounter after all?"It is a normal market behavior that 'guanggu' itself is inherently deficient, its geographical location is remote, and the work of attracting investment the day after tomorrow cannot keep up, so it has to close down."An industry insider who once participated in the discussion of the "guanggu" project also pointed out the deep reason for its failure: the concept of "guanggu" was proposed by guangzhou long ago, but never developed.With the LED industry on the rise, in order to facilitate the policy, the relevant units have positioned "guangzhou optical valley" as the world's largest LED and lighting exhibition and trade platform.

    "' guangzhou optical valley 'is only a concept, and its original plan was to build an LED physical store, similar to clothing wholesale, which is like" selling dog meat while hanging sheep's head ". It can't truly reflect the real situation of LED industry, let alone attribute its decline to the pain of exploring the transformation of LED industry in guangzhou."The person said.

     "The end of the curtain doesn't have a big impact on the LED industry in guangzhou."In the view of zhao fei, secretary general of shenzhen lighting and display engineering association, the closure of "guangzhou optical valley" is actually a miniature of LED market exit or transformation in the past 10 years.As the LED industry becomes mature, if we only focus on the layout of lighting stores, the decline of "guangzhou optical valley" will be doomed.

    A shift to deeper development no longer requires a tonic

However, "guangzhou optical valley" event will again focus everyone's attention to the LED industry.Compared with previous years when the industry was flourishing, the industry was indeed quiet in the past two years.

    "LED industry development to the present stage, has passed the peak of growth, tends to stable, concentrated development, and entered the stage of deep adjustment and shuffle.But that doesn't mean the LED industry can't."'any industry will go through the same process,' said wen shangsheng, a professor at south China university of technology and chairman of the guangdong photoelectric technology association.Especially as a strategic emerging industry, the initial development of LED industry needs strong support from the government, such as the introduction of relevant promotion policies and financial subsidies.However, once the industry enters the mature stage, it will naturally turn to in-depth development, relying on the free regulation of the market, survival of the fittest."The LED industry is healthy now," he said. "it doesn't need to be fed a tonic. It can grow on its own."

   According to the blue book on the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry 2018, the overall development of the industry slowed down and entered a downward cycle in 2018 against the background of internal and external difficulties.But the annual growth rate is expected to be 12.8%, and the industry's total output value is expected to reach 737.4 billion yuan.So from this figure, the industry is still relatively optimistic.

    "At present, leading enterprises are constantly adjusting their product structure and upgrading to the high-end direction, and their market share will continue to rise, while small and medium-sized enterprises will face increasingly severe survival challenges."Zhao fei said, "although 'guanggu' incident does not represent the real situation of the LED industry, it also serves as a warning to the LED industry in guangzhou and the whole country."The LED industry layout in guangzhou and many other places is relatively scattered, and there is no industry cluster or characteristic park."

   As the industry enters the stage of deepening adjustment, enterprises also seek for a breakthrough by looking for differentiated lines and applying market segments to faori, such as faori plant lighting, automotive lighting, MiniLED, and even shift the development focus to the broader field of compound semiconductor.At the same time, in addition to stabilizing the traditional European and American markets, focus on developing the markets of countries and regions along the "One Belt And One Road".

"China's annual LED output growth maintained at around 20%, people are very optimistic about this industry."Zerof said.