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LED Six Technical Leading The Future

Jan 19, 2017

As we all know, LED industry as a green industry that combines environmental, health, energy-efficient and multiple advantages, but looking, internal LED lighting market share only about 15%, from 30% to 50% in developed countries still have a long distance. Future, LED industry will further enhance the industrial concentration, resources will move closer to the enterprises. How to make LED grow? New dark force, led the LED industry to a new future.
First, chip and package link is developing rapidly. Photosynthetic efficiency in enhancing, flip-chip, high-voltage chips, COB, EMC, CSP package technology development. Device products begin to light source module component products at home and abroad, especially to IC integrated products, systems integration, modules, and so on. 30W COB device is still the mainstream products in the market, has the potential to significantly increase in the future.
Second, although two years ago have thrown develop CSP and flip-no sound in the Gold package, but finally began to pop up this year. Direct type backlight, TV-show-oriented products have a CSP products. Such as CSP packaged product COB-like forms, multiple small devices and combination, depending on the application assembled size is unlimited. In addition, this year and highlighted the phosphor products related to the market performance.
Third, EMC products integrated package-like models made of high power high Bay and floodlights being sought after. Automotive lighting modular development, market stability needs to be expanded, such as car headlights and turn signals, such as cake serves as a very attractive market.
Finally, intelligent lamp program, family and business intelligence solutions market, such as meat and potatoes. Intelligent lighting becoming more and more popular, is also challenging, current "App light control system" approach, various products from lighting to self-contained software, systems, no uniform standards or protocols, not interoperability, this is a problem with constraints to development.
V filament lamps is more mature, many enterprises rely on advanced technology, production and marketing around the world, markets rising in unison, Sapphire replace old-fashioned filament lamp filament become the main product.
Last, UV LED plant lighting applications, more and more, prevalence is higher, for example UV LED to security, sterilization, curing, and other fields. The LED segment potential market is huge, but require a large-scale application to further tap the market opportunity.
Today, chip packaging technology advantages, and industrial equipment to rapidly expand, display fields, backlit with small spacing leading, intelligent lighting tide. Plant lighting, medical lighting, lighting and other market segments of agriculture gradually expanded, and has been the industry's concern.