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Led Street Light

Jul 08, 2020

High-power LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a new type of solid-state cold light source, because of its outstanding characteristics of high light efficiency, long life, energy saving and green environmental protection, the semiconductor lighting technology marked by it is considered to be the 21st century A new generation of lighting technology that replaces incandescent lamps. China's lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 12% of the country's total annual electricity generation, and LED lighting technology with its outstanding energy-saving advantages, if it can be promoted and applied to the lighting field, it will definitely play a huge role In order to find the factors that affect the reliability of LED street lamps and improve the reliability of LED street lamps, the technical design of LED street lamps is used as the research object in this paper. The basic theory and methods of reliability are applied, combined with the analysis of experimental data. The reliability of the power LED street lamp is studied, and the specific work mainly includes the following aspects: First, the structure and luminescence principle of the semiconductor diode, the production and packaging process of the LED chip, the structure of the power LED and the implementation method of the white LED are introduced. It also introduces the structure, advantages and reliability of LED street lamps in the application, introduces the domestic and foreign research status and development trends in the field of LED reliability, expounds the significance of the topic selection, the main work and the source of the topic. The second chapter mainly conducts the following work: introduces the basic theory of reliability, and the structure of series, parallel, and hybrid systems; analyzes the three power supply subsystems of driving power supply, light emitting module, and heat dissipation, and studies each subsystem and The relationship between the reliability of the lamp system; the product definition of the LED street lamp and the failure mechanism of the LED street lamp are analyzed; finally, the reliability expression of the whole lamp is obtained for the LED street lamps of different driving forms.