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Do Not Take The Usual Road, Led Bubble Experts Rely On Quality To Win The World

Nov 21, 2017

In recent years, LED lighting industry competition is fierce, industry reshuffle intensified, so many enterprises or other business, or the pursuit of product diversification, or to fight niche market ... In such a large environment, there are still enterprises to become a clear stream of the industry, of which, it is worth noting is known as the "led bubble expert" Wellmax (Zhao Lighting). 

How does a company that does not take a normal road, how to adhere to 30 years of focus on led bubble product development and will be the end of the war? With doubts and Curiosity, Ledinside editor in the October 27, 2017 Hong Kong autumn lantern show walked into the booth of Wellmax, interviewed the chairman of Wang Yamin.

Wellmax Chairman Wang Yamin interviewed 

About the development of the enterprise, Wang Yamin Introduction, Wellmax is committed to the LED Bulb Subdivision product development, because the focus on the product to obtain customer recognition. It is understood that in March 2016, Wellmax became Samsung LED Chip China's first brand authorized partners, this year April was Samsung awarded the "Best partner of the Year" title. In addition, Wellmax has become the world's largest supermarket chain suppliers. Wang Yamin said the endorsement of these partners is the biggest affirmation of Wellmax. 

Speaking of cooperation with Samsung, Wang Yamin said that Wellmax learned a lot of knowledge and management methods that had not been previously available. In addition, Samsung provides some of the latest development of LED technical guidelines, which makes Wellmax in the fierce competition can always maintain quality stability, while receiving customer recognition. 

According to Wang Yamin, the future cooperation between Wellmax and Samsung will be more and more wide, Samsung's new technology products introduced, will be first applied in Wellmax products. By strengthening cooperation with Samsung, Wellmax will provide more updates, more stable quality products to customers, and help customers to be more competitive in their industry.

 Focus on foreign markets and follow the quality route 

In recent years, domestic led bubble market sustained rapid development, related enterprises have seized the domestic market share. and Wellmax 100% focus on foreign markets. According to the introduction, Wellmax is starting from the European market, but from the development of these years, in recent years, the rapid development is the Asian market. This is due to the Asian countries have just entered the LED market, the acceptance of the LED gradually expanded, the market demand is increasingly strong. On the other hand, because of China's "All along the way" plan, the East Asian economic circle of the country's future development potential is enormous; Wellmax will closely follow the national "along the way" plan, keep abreast of the future economic development direction, and actively develop the brand customers in the country and the partnership. 

From the product structure, Wellmax products focus on indoor lighting, LED bubble is its most highly focused on a product line. In addition, in intelligent lighting and the latest technology, Wellmax is also working with Samsung to provide customers with more updated, more intelligent products. 

According to Ledinside understand, Wellmax this year launched a filament lamp product line, these products are carried by Samsung's filament and patent, Wang Yamin said, patents, technology and brand is an enterprise must strengthen the focus, this is the Wellmax products in the same type of products won one of the reasons. 

It is reported that foreign market threshold is getting higher, product certification requirements are constantly changing. Wang Yamin says this is a big challenge for the company. In order to meet the challenge, Wellmax invests millions of dollars each year in each country's certification, on the one hand, in order to enable the company to enter the target country market, on the other hand can improve the professional ability of the company engineers, he thinks this is also a good way to test an enterprise learning ability. 

In the face of fierce competition in the market and serious product homogeneity phenomenon, Wang Yamin said Wellmax has been insisting on their own positioning, ensure quality and consistency, not price war, based on the local country's consumption level and set goals, and achieved very good results. It is understood that Wellmax for several consecutive years to maintain more than 30% growth, the future will have more money to invest in research and development and marketing.

Wellmax 2017 Hong Kong Autumn Light exhibition booth 

Focus on the LED bubble, to create an international brand 

In Wang Yamin's view, the LED industry is still a fledgling development of the industry, although the European and American markets have developed rapidly, but Africa, Asia and South American countries and other markets, there is a huge share, as long as the enterprises clear their positioning, adhere to quality, the pursuit of product differentiation competition, Then the future industry development is fast and healthy. 

In such a big environment, Wellmax revenue in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year more than 40%, the show, the overall growth of more than 50% this year can be expected. Wang Yamin said that there are a lot of foreign capital hope to bring Wellmax to the capital market as soon as possible, but in fact Wellmax is to do a solid hundred years of enterprise, first focus on led, to do China first. 

For the creation of the World brand, Wang Yamin said that although the current Wellmax enterprise scale is small, but lofty ideals is the enterprise must set a strategic goal, but the process is relatively long. Concrete implementation to the day-to-day work, it is first to do a good job, to do a good job, to make a difference, to do more in-depth more professional, at the same time focused, focused, solid to do a good job for each customer service, to strive for the development of the industry to bring health impact.