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Unique Night Scene Requirements, LED Screen New Applications Are Favored

Nov 30, 2017

The famous natural scenery of a city at night, through the local government to implement the landscape illumination/lighting project projects, can continue the beautiful scenery, enhance the local night economy, the timeline covers the evening seven o'clock to the next morning of all kinds of consumption, such as: Ticket income, catering, shopping, accommodation and other related consumption, "night economy" brought about by the efficient benefits, has become a new impetus for the development of modern urban economy.

Night economy, this in the LED display industry is not a hot noun, but because the LED screen listed companies Liard continuous deep and covered a layer of "high profits" of the mysterious color. But what exactly is the night-time economy referring to, LED screen in which what kind of role, this market can bring to the LED screen how much value? Today, let's explore these issues together.

Tourism market booming and night economy emerges

Today, the rapid development of tourism economy, not only holiday tourist attractions "crowded people", "people see people", huge economic volume and high profits, but also attracted many places to start the layout, to create a wide range of tourist attractions, in order to win more tourists. In such a large environment, more and more local governments are starting to take the night spots as one of the selling points, and surely such moves can be of greater value--if only during the day, many visitors will leave in the afternoon or evening, and if there are night spots, those who choose to continue playing until evening, will be able to enjoy the local dinner, and even the birth of supper and shopping and other food, shopping needs, driving the street, pedestrian street and other commercial streets were born, and this part of the visitors will be a considerable number will not leave overnight, but choose to stay in the local accommodation, thus driving the consumption of accommodation.

What is the relationship between the night economy and the LED screen? As we all know, LED display with spontaneous light, colorful, exquisite screen and well-known, just to cater to the night attractions of the "light" demand. In the past, full of neon, billboards of the street can often attract people, now the situation is also Bu-like New York Times Square, Shanghai Waitan, the Pearl River Night, in addition to the daytime, visitors also like the evening to watch the colorful night scene, LED screen in which also has a considerable contribution. In addition, in recent years, many landmark buildings have installed LED screen, used for viewing, publicity, advertising and other purposes, but also for the LED screen brought a lot of business opportunities. And, now LED screen, led tunnel screen, led special-shaped screen, such as a variety of novel, beautiful led screen appearance, its absorption intensity is doubled, and in the night economy in the demand will continue to rise.

Unique Night scene demand LED screen new applications are spoiled

Although the LED display in the night economy also has a certain demand, but its main demand products are still mainly lighting, so compared with other applications such as dance, sports venues, such as the market, night-time economy of the demand for LED screen is not conspicuous, which is always the night of the economic market for LED display industry overlooked the biggest reason. So why do some companies get a decent harvest? This requires some change in the way the LED screens cater to the economic process of the night.

I believe that many people for last year's G20 Hangzhou summit, especially the "most memory is Hangzhou" Party beautiful choreography design, but for the LED screen people, more noteworthy is the Hangzhou cooperation summit to do the urban landscape upgrading project. It is reported that the lighting, the government in order to Hangzhou Grand Theater around the center of the outside skyscrapers are installed LED lamp screen, the core of Qianjiang New Town as the center, to the other side of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center as a supplement to the East and west of the two wings to unfold the night picture. During the G20 summit, these unusually wide-ranging light strips played a part in the national flag of the Summit, as well as Chinese-style images of pandas and Beijing opera, making the city's evening colourful. In this project, the application of LED lamp screen is very rare, and such a bright and dazzling night view mode, but also opened the city of the new model of lighting, and then some cities imitate this form to create urban lighting landscape, LED screen to bring new markets.

And Liard recently released the astronomical town led Sky Street case, reflects the LED screen in the night of the economy in another form of application. The LED sky-shaped street is connected with a prism transparent screen, End-to-end, Liancheng an LED canopy for viewing. As we can see from the pictures, the transparent sky screens are not shaded during the day, and the colorful, lively and interesting content displayed at night can attract people to stop. And, in order to increase interactivity, the screen can also interact with the micro-letter, by embedding a human face into the astronaut's avatar, and launching it into the screen to increase consumption. Admittedly, the application of the LED screen is not uncommon, but the real case of further development of new features from the tourism perspective is rare, so this is also the LED screen harvesting of the economic market cake in the new trial.

In fact, the LED screen enterprises in the economy of the night to try not uncommon, especially in the LED special-shaped screen, led floor tile screen, such as the emergence of new types of display, but also derived such as led tunnel handrail elevator, square large-scale interactive floor tile screen and other features of the case. In recent years, after the traditional fireworks display and other night tourism projects have been banned because of serious pollution, lighting has become the best way to replace fireworks and attract people to stay. In the case of rising technology and increasing demand for beauty, the mere lighting has been difficult to attract more attention. At this point, whether the LED screen can be more changeable form to retain the footsteps of tourists, so as to get a bigger night-time economic cake? This still needs our LED display industry common efforts to achieve.

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