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The New Pattern Begins.

Nov 30, 2017

Berlien in the factory Opening ceremony speech published the relevant data: Osram LED business recently reached a high growth rate of 19%, we are pleased with this momentum, further expand the new capacity. The investment in the forest has proved our efforts to transform our technology and to transform our High-tech companies. Ten years ago, the traditional lighting also accounted for 80% of Osram's business; today, Osram's two-thirds of sales come from the business based on optoelectronic semiconductors. The expression was full of joy and confidence.

There was a detail at the commencement ceremony: OLAF, CEO of Osram Group

Berlien and Malaysian Minister of Trade and Industry Musta Law speech, the video large screen from the middle to the two sides slowly moved to form a spacious door, Osram Four senior executives accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry Musta law through the "gate", into the tent channel to visit the new factory.

The opening of this gate heralds Osram in the field of LED chip manufacturing into a new world, is osram to High-tech companies to transform, continue to expand led production capacity of the turning point; global LED chip manufacturing new pattern from beginning!

It is reported that The first phase of the New Forest plant, Osram invested 370 million euros, the forest plant occupies 48 acres, about 100,000 square meters, is currently the world's largest and most advanced LED chip production base, research and development and production of products including based on 6-inch wafer semiconductor LED chip, compared with 4-inch technology, 6-inch wafer production system per wafer can be produced more than 125 % of the LED chip. It is reported that the future will also produce 8-inch chip wafer. The plant's production capacity will reach 20,000 six-inch led wafers per week, meaning that the production of the street lighting in New York, Rio, China SAR and Berlin will be upgraded to LED light sources in a week. The plant will also carry out two phases of expansion, with a total investment of 1 billion euros, including the expansion of LED assembly capabilities in Osram's Global Plant Alliance. The global strategy can be seen.

In a press conference held after the commencement ceremony, China's mainland lighting media asked: "The new plant in the forest to the postpartum, Osram in the global chip production accounted for?" the spokesman said: The global chip production accounted for 8%, ranked second in the world. It is understood that the current "Japan-Asia Chemical" for the first, accounted for 11%.

Osram to "lighting expert" strategic vision to understand deeply, chip and encapsulation of the lighting industry's leading role, the focus of investment in chip manufacturing and packaging, to grasp the initiative of the global lighting industry, in the chip manufacturing and packaging will soon become the leader in the field. This may be the strategic goal of OSRAM global lighting.

Osram is currently investing in the world, expanding its led industry chain six factories. Osram is also expanding at the Regensburg plant in Germany, which currently employs 2,500 people and employs 1000 people. The factory mainly produces advanced led chips and laser diodes for high quality automotive headlamps, as well as infrared diodes for sensors. These sensors can be applied to facial recognition in mobile phones or automotive intelligence assistance systems (such as vehicle distance control). In addition, Osram will expand in Germany Schwabmunchen factory, will be in the factory's clean room to produce led raw materials. In the United States of Exeter City, Osram also has another factory in the production of LED main components. In Wuxi, China, Osram is upgrading the back-end capacity to assemble the chips into LED products, such as the light-emitting diode enclosure and the encapsulation of some of the major optical components.

October 19, Osram opened in Bulgaria, the new plant operation, the factory produced products include the use of LED light engine modules, traditional ballasts, led drives, sensors and lighting control systems, will be used in smart buildings, and sales to the European market. Penang is also home to Eusrando's factory in the production and encapsulation of LED chips and related products. Thus, Osram to create a global semiconductor lighting industry chain is gradually surfacing.

In recent years, Osram has been extended from the traditional electric light source to the semiconductor lighting industry chain, complete the industrial chain structure optimization and upgrading. Osram and other chip manufacturers compared to the whole world in the middle and lower reaches of the entire industry chain and market channels, with unique internal support and market advantages, so has a unique cost-effective advantages, this is the other led chip manufacturers difficult to contend with.

The production of Forest Chip factory, in the field of lighting chip, in the global lighting industry as "a stone to arouse thousands of waves", will have a profound and significant impact. The new round of chip and package of global competition phone-in four, will cause a new round of chips and lighting products price competition, will bring the semiconductor lighting industry a new round of mergers and acquisitions, industry concentration is higher, LED lighting products cost-effective more reasonable. 2017, LED chip display in short supply status, LED chip factory expansion of the continuous spread of the Chinese mainland many chip companies Wenfengerdong, have been expanding through a variety of means, in order to consolidate their market position.

In a number of news reports, said the new plant opened in the forest, "is Osram ' diamond ' innovation and growth of the important part of the program." According to this, the forest chip factory should be OSRAM Global lighting strategy, one of the important "leading" part. Throughout Osram's semiconductor lighting global strategic layout, it is possible in the near future to replace the "Japanese-Asian Chemistry", become the first!