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As An LED Packaging Enterprise, You Have To Know The 6 Big Package Technology

Nov 30, 2017

Technology innovation is always an important weight for enterprises to increase product value. On the one hand, CSP chip-level packaging, flip-led, to power-supply module technology gradually mature and achieve large-scale production, by the industry's extensive attention, the next focus is to improve cost-effective; On the other hand, EMC, cob and high voltage LED markets continue to explode, and future growth will focus on

1, CSP chip-level packaging

Mention of the hottest, non-CSP. CSP is concerned about the industry's expectations for packaging miniaturization and cost-performance improvements. At present, CSP is gradually used in mobile phone flash, display backlight and other fields.

In short, the current domestic CSP chip-level package is still in the research and development period, will be along the track to improve cost-effective development. With the continuous release of CSP product scale effect, cost-effective will be further improved, the next one or two annual meeting more and more lighting customers to accept CSP products.

2, to power the module

In recent years, "to power" development has been in full swing, then "to power" what is it? "To power" is the power supply built-in, reduce electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other parts of the device will drive the circuit and LED lamp beads share a substrate, to achieve the drive and led light source of high integration. Compared with the traditional led, the power scheme is simpler and easier to automate and batch production, and it can reduce the volume and cost.

3. Flip-Chip LED technology

"Flip chip + chip-level packaging" is a perfect combination. Flip-led with high-density, high current advantage, nearly two years has become the focus of research and led industry development of the mainstream direction.

The current CSP encapsulation is based on flip-chip technology. Compared to the positive loading, flip-led eliminates the gold line of the link, the death lamp probability can be reduced by more than 905, to ensure the stability of the product, optimize the cooling capacity of the product. At the same time, it is able to withstand larger current-driven, higher flux and thin-type features in smaller chip areas, and is the best solution for ultra current driving in lighting and backlight applications.

4. EMC Packaging

EMC is the ring oxygen-plastic sealing material, with high heat resistance, UV resistance, high integration, high current, small size, stability and high characteristics, in the field of heat dissipation requirements of the bulb lamp, against UV requirements of the relatively high outdoor lighting field and the high stability of the backlight field has a prominent advantage.

It is understood that EMC is currently mainly 3030, 5050, 7070, and several models, of which 3030-price ratio has been quite prominent. The 2015 Guangya exhibition, everywhere 3030 package products, in addition to domestic VTech, Mai, Hongli, static and billion light, as well as, Seoul and other international big coffee layout 3030.

5. High pressure

The current led price war fierce, power supply in the LED lights in the cost of the highlight, how to save the drive cost has become the focus of the enterprise. High-voltage LED can effectively reduce the cost of power, is identified as the industry's future trend of development.

At present, the common approach to improve led brightness is to enlarge the chip size or increase operating current, but not easy to solve the problem fundamentally, and may even cause new problems, such as uneven current, heat dissipation, droop effect, etc., but the high voltage chip provides a better solution.

The principle of high voltage chip is actually adopted the concept of splitting up the size of the chip into a high luminous efficiency and uniform small chip, and through the semiconductor process technology integration, so that the full use of the chip area, more effective to achieve the purpose of brightness enhancement. From the angle of the whole lamp (such as street lamp), high voltage chip with IC power supply, the voltage difference of the power supply is smaller, besides increasing the service life, it can also reduce the cost of the system.


COB Integrated light source is more easy to achieve dimming color, glare, high brightness and so on, can solve the problems of chromatic aberration and heat dissipation, and is widely used in the field of commercial lighting, by many led packaging manufacturers of all ages.

At present, COB is facing the process of customization demand, the future cob market will be to the standardization of product development direction. As the cob upstream and downstream supporting facilities are relatively mature, cost-effective also higher, once the general solution, will further accelerate the scale.

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