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Inventory 2017 Years Of Automotive Lighting And Car Led Enterprise Dynamic

Jan 13, 2018

According to the gathering state consulting led Research Center (ledinside) The latest "2018 LED supply and demand market trend" shows that 2017 automotive led market output value of 2.817 billion U.S. dollars, Ledinside estimated 2018 will grow 12.45%, which is the strongest growth strength for headlights, fog lights, Car panels.

As one of the niche products, automotive lighting has become an important area for the expansion of led large enterprises at home and abroad, someone to overweight layout, someone to buy, there are people to carry out strategic cooperation ... So what happened to car lighting in 2017? To this end, Ledinside combed the 2017 years of car lighting major events, readers.

"Technology Show" at CES: Osram exhibits the latest Smart car technology

January 5, 2017-8th, the American Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was successfully held in Las Vegas, Las Vegas. At this CES show, Osram unveiled the latest application of High-tech cars. The latest automotive technology utilizes the Invisible Light--lidar (lidar, optical detection and ranging) to play a key role in advanced driver-assisted systems, gradually turning semi-automatic driving to automatic driving.

In addition to laser technology, advanced pixel-level headlamps also represent the future of automotive lighting. Osram, along with its partners, developed a miniature led matrix chip containing more than 1000 independent and controllable pixels. Each headlight is made up of several of these led chips to ensure that the headlights in the driving process will always be a glare-free beam. Car cameras identify oncoming vehicles and pedestrian traffic, automatically weakening high resolution LED chips to ensure that the head area of the driver, pedestrian and bicycle owners is protected from direct beam.

Optimistic about the use of self-driving market, Panasonic planning to buy European headlights manufacturers ZKW

Optimistic led applications in the automotive market, Japan Panasonic (Panasonic) accelerated into the field of motor vehicles, planning to buy the European headlights zkw. Panasonic intends to buy ZKW in addition to optimistic about the car market, mainly in the era of automatic driving, the safety of the lights increased; In addition, Panasonic is interested in its sensor expertise combined with headlight products, into the self-driving market application.

Hella Lighting Factory in China

April 20, 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, automotive lighting and electronic products expert Hella, with the North Steam Group subsidiary of Beijing Haina Chuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., jointly established a joint venture company Sea-Haina-Chuan Lamp Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Wuqing set up a new plant to further expand production capacity. The new factory will start production in October 2017 as planned. The JV company mainly serves the customers of Baic group, including Beijing Mercedes Benz, Beijing automobile, and other Chinese automobile manufacturers.

Hong Li signed 230 million yuan to buy Yi good lights

On the evening of May 2, Hong Li Group Co., Ltd. issued a notice, in order to better play the company led industry chain Advantage, accelerate the realization of the company led car lighting in the domestic vehicle supply system layout, actively and effectively cut into the domestic whole lamp supply market, May 2, 2017, Hong Li Ji and Danyang new morning lamp factory and Zhiqiang signed the "Interest purchase letter of Intent", the company intends to invest 230 million yuan to acquire Danyang Xinyi Lamp Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 51% equity.

Snow Wright 29.92 million dollars subscribe to Kerry shares, tapping market

June 19, 2017, Snow Wright announced that by the Snow Wright and Shenzhen, the former Sea Daewoo Capital Management Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Zhejiang Garley (Lishui) Industrial Co., Ltd. signed the "Share subscription contract."

Daewoo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry fund with its own funds to invest 29.92 million yuan to subscribe to the 4.4 million shares of the directional issue of Ka Li, the price per share of RMB 6.80 yuan. It is reported that the business scope of the company's shares include lights, auto parts, motorcycle accessories (excluding engine), and motorcycle parts mold processing, manufacturing and sales.

Rui Feng photoelectric 20.49 million Yuan capital increase holding subsidiary, increase the investment of automobile illumination market

June 26, 2017, Rui Fung Photoelectric issued a notice, the company intends to the holding subsidiary of Changzhou Li Rui Photoelectric Co., Ltd. to increase the capital of 20.49 million yuan, after the increase of investment in the photoelectric registration of 30 million yuan, Rui Fung photoelectric accounted for 70%.

Rui Fung Photoelectric said that the foreign investment is based on the automotive industry and vehicle LED prospects analysis, combined with the company's own technical advantages and market accumulation in the industry, Rui Fung photoelectric want to increase the investment in the automotive electronics market, to achieve the extension of LED-related industries, the company's Leary photoelectric increase will be used for automotive LED module development and manufacture , accelerate the company's overall layout in the field of LED application.

Total investment 1 billion! Murray Group, the world's top 500 enterprises, put into operation the new automobile lighting plant

June 20, the world's top 500 Enterprises Murray Group's new automotive lighting system plant in Changchun opened the area, the estimated annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. Changchun Murray car lighting system New factory is its 9th factory set up in China, the total investment of 1 billion yuan, mainly produces the world's most advanced LED car lamp products. The project will be FAW Volkswagen, brilliance BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other automotive vehicle manufacturers supporting, up to the postpartum output value of more than 2 billion yuan.

The strategic cooperation Agreement in the field of headlights signed by the United States

2017 AAITF Shenzhen Autumn exhibition, Shanghai branch Rui Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. and the domestic famous LED lamp Enterprise Zhongshan Easy Tatsu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd./Shenzhen Yi Tatsu Photoelectric Co., Ltd. in 2017 China Automotive lighting Terminal Business Trends Forum successfully held a new product launch and signed a cooperation agreement. Since then, it will be the only one in the domestic market with the United States Branch Sharp in the field of automotive lights to achieve strategic cooperation in the enterprise.

Long Tatsu Electronics and the electronic cooperation, automotive application market again next city

2017 AAITF Shenzhen Autumn exhibition, long Tatsu Electronics and positive Australia will sign a strategic cooperation agreement, the next 10 months, long Tatsu Electronics will provide not less than 2KK core series of products to the positive Australian electronics; In addition, LONGDA Electronics will be introduced in the third quarter for LED lamp light source product components, Whether in the luminous efficiency (LM), the unit area of luminous brightness (lm/area), heat performance of more than market products, the future will be given priority to the electronic use of.

Car with LED lighting, Rui Fung photoelectric 100 million yuan to increase the financing Centrino car industry

August 11, 2017, Rui Fung Photoelectric Bulletin said, based on the company's future development strategy, as well as optimistic about the automotive LED lighting market prospects, in order to effectively promote the company in the automotive LED lighting industry chain layout, the company intends to self-financing 100 million yuan to finance the Centrino che industry Jiangsu Limited Company to increase capital, The completion of the replenishment will hold a 16.66% per cent of the Centrino vehicle industry. The company proposed to the Centrino car industry to increase the self-financing 100 million yuan will be mainly used Yu Xun car business expansion, supplementary liquidity and the company can be used for other purposes.

Osram buys part of Leddartech of Laser radar Company

August 2017, Osram announced its strategic acquisition of the Canadian Laser Radar company Leddartech 25.1% of the shares, this will strengthen osram in the field of automatic driving leadership.

Leddartech specializes in the development of solid-state lidar (optical detection and measurement) systems that use infrared light to monitor the surrounding environment. At present, the patented LIDAR technology developed by Leddartech has been applied to the semiconductor and sensor modules for self-driving vehicle and driver assistance systems.

LG Layout Car networking market, 7.84 billion acquisition of automotive lighting Company

Thomson Reuters August 29 quoted the South Korean Economic journal as reporting that LG Electronics Inc. (LG Electronics Inc.) The plan is to spend 1.2 billion dollars (or about 7.84 billion yuan) with the parent company, LG Corp., to acquire Zkw Group, an Austrian car lighting company. LG Electronics, which is keen to cut into the automotive electronics market, has spent more than 1.5 years preparing for the takeover, the South Korean economic daily said.

Osram to build auto lighting joint ventures with Continental Group, or start operation next year

November 6, Osram issued a press release that the company and the German continental Group (Continental AG) announced plans to set up a joint venture, designed to combine innovative lighting technology with electronics, software to develop, manufacture and sell intelligent lighting solutions for the automotive industry.

According to Osram's press release, the global joint venture will operate under the name of "OSRAM Continental GmbH" and be registered in the Munich area. Osram and the Continental group will each have a 50% stake in the joint venture. Its goal is to achieve annual sales of nearly 500 million euros, with about 1500 employees and 17 office locations around the world. Osram will transfer its automotive solid-state lighting (SSL) module business to a joint venture, and the mainland group will introduce the light control business in its body and security business unit.