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Brief Analysis Of The Flexibility, Potential And Control Requirements Of Adjustable LED Illumination

Jan 13, 2018

Flexibility of adjustable LED illumination


Although the user prefers neutral and warm white LED lighting, lighting designers and manufacturers have introduced adjustable LED products, while designing different tuning ranges, optimal brightness control and improved lighting quality. Adjustable LED lighting can also allow users to adjust to their desired color temperature at any time, can also be based on different application requirements, to provide more choices.


In addition, people's natural response to the phenomena of sunrise and sunset has led people to demand illumination, when the lighting is brightest, hope that the hue will be cold, and when darkened, hope to become warmer. That's why bars and restaurant bosses often provide a cool and stimulating environment to attract customers during the day, and use lighting to produce warm lights at night.


Another possible step for an adjustable white LED is to control the saturation of the color. This is called du′v′ tuning and requires three control handles to control color temperature, strength, and saturation respectively.


The potential of adjustable led illumination


After using different LED lighting solutions, consumers are now ready to use the adjustable white LEDs, paving the way for lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and facility managers to influence the behavior and mood of other people by using the effects of different white lights on LED lighting.


Each adjustable white shadow consists of a predetermined path with three or more colors that track the blackbody curve (BBL) and dim the intensity of the white light produced.


Alternatively, the Two-color source follows a straight line within a limited tuning range. Therefore, in order to achieve the correct color temperature, cold white and warm white to average, the resulting flux is limited.


What is the difference between an adjustable led and a white light led?


White LEDs are converted by mixing light from a red, green, and Blue (RGB) monochrome transmitter or through a phosphor. These two methods are sometimes used in combination.


Adjustable white LED light source is characterized by the use of multiple colors or multiple white to produce the final color temperature. Approximately seven color sources can be mixed.


Control requirements for adjustable LED lighting


After the development of adjustable LED lighting, we need to develop an interface for users to adjust the lighting according to their needs. A good user interface is critical, and the final wireless connection is chosen as an interface to control the adjustable white light illumination.


Low-Power Bluetooth (BLE) mesh network provides a great advantage for adjustable LED lighting, such as end-to-end solutions. In addition, lights can also be controlled by smartphone applications.


A secure network with a level four access level can be installed to control multiple lighting nodes over long distances without gateways, and can be controlled from a single terminal, limiting the scope of the communication to negligible limits.


Because all devices on a low-power bluetooth (BLE) network can elevate their presence, control applications can be authorized to access all lighting devices. This feature helps to delegate and manage an adjustable lighting network in any business environment.


The adjustable white light LED market is emerging for manufacturers. A modular design is an effective way to provide a choice of multiple connections for a luminaire developer. This can be achieved through a basic 0-10v drive and a different modular dashboard.


The future of dynamic lighting


Lighting designers and manufacturers, and even end users, are now familiar with dynamic white lighting to achieve results. Adjustable white LEDs have the potential to support more different effects. In addition, the adjustable white LED control options can be simplified by means of grid and intuitive control. This development is important to stimulate the greatest potential of this technology.