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600x600 40w Scene Sqaure Led Panel Light Manufacture-Luxsky Lighting

Jan 22, 2018

development new led panel light--600x600/595x595 40w scene square led panel light was be production by China factory--luxsky lighting.

What is scene led paenl light?

The utility model discloses a scene panel lamp, comprising a casing, a lampshade, a lamp set, a switch, a bottom shell, a backlight plate, a connecting screw, a bottom shell, a back seat, an adjusting rod and a fixing nut. The utility model has the advantages: the shade is mounted on the housing of the device, not only can effectively protect the internal lamp device, to prevent the dust damage, but also prevent the internal lamp group when using water and short circuit, effectively increase the service life of the device, to avoid the occurrence of accident. The bottom shell in the device is arranged on the backlight board, increase the intensity of light device by reflecting off the backlight, and installation to the bar in the backlight side, the device is in use, the backlight board angle can be adjusted, which can control the lighting effects, making the device more practical. The fixing nut of the device is arranged on the bottom shell, and the fixing nut penetrates through the bottom shell and is connected with the shell, not only the whole structure is still firm, but also the appearance of the device is more beautiful.

scene led panel light.jpg

sky blue and cloud scene 600x1200 square led panel light

Why will choose scene led light?

  1. Situation lights are energy-saving bulbs, because the LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself on the environment without any pollution, and incandescent, fluorescent light, energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%, more energy-saving;

  2. People can according to their requirements, scene situation, as well as the environment and life of different understanding, in different space and time to choose and control the brightness of light, gray, color changes, simulate a variety of light environment to guide, improve mood, reflect a more humane lighting environment.

square led panel light.jpg

600x1200 72w sky and cloud scene sqaure led panel light was be applicated in office .

sky led panel light.jpg

scene led panel light 's application:

scene square led panel light can be used indoor lighting, such as office lighting,hospital lighting, supermarket lighting and waiting room lighting and so on.

Other picture scene led panel light can be choose:

600x1200 scene led panel light.jpg

cherry blooms scene led panel light

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