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LED Industry Three Major Trends: Microled, Automotive, Infrared Sensing

Feb 27, 2018

LED industry is expected this year in the new application areas to enlarge the market size, prompting the LED factory to get rid of the Red Sea application of consumer lighting and backlight field, research institutions ledinside expected industry three development trends for micro LED, automotive and infrared sensing.

Ledinside estimates that the Micro led market will be estimated at 28 in 2025. 9.1 billion USD, estimated application category includes mobile phone, wearable watches, car monitors, virtual reality, television, etc., but at present micro led faces technical bottleneck, including Lei crystal and chip, transfer, full color, power Drive, backplane and detection and repair technology, manufacturers this year must be in the key technology breakthrough development.

Compared with the micro led this year is still in the technical development period, the infrared sensing application market will continue to carry out business opportunities this year, by the recent biological identification to become the mainstream of security protection, including consumer electronic products into the iris, face recognition. In addition, security monitoring, infra-red touch panel are the main infrared application growth power, and then digital medical, car light up, unmanned aircraft, etc. are infrared applications.

The car is also the foreseeable market scale growth field this year, Ledinside pointed out that because of the high power LED technology, plus led prices down, so that the car outside LED lighting gradually transferred from the higher-order car to the medium-scale car, which to the near and far lamp market growth is the most amazing, Led in the near and far light application market value in 2020 will reach 14. 6.2 billion USD, 2016-2020 composite growth rate (CAGR) up to 15. 8%.

In addition, the car panels in the head of the display, the central Control Panel, instrument panels, entertainment boards and other needs also increased rapidly, the estimated car panel led output will also be 0 from last year. 4.2 billion dollars grew to 2020 0. 8.7 billion U.S. dollars, nearly five years CAGR for 25%, last year, the global new car standard car with a proportion of car panels have 13%, estimated 2020 will reach 18%, synchronous push LED backlight demand.