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How To Avoid Glare In Shop Lighting Design?

Mar 02, 2018

What is the cause of the light glare?

1. Wrong choice of luminaire

Glare produced by most of the reasons or lamps, lamps and lanterns in the design did not do glare treatment.



The swoon "stars" have been jumping around the eyes of customers.

2, cloth lamp bit unscientific

Say Ching, if have "good rice" but meet "bad woman"? Results: There is no doubt that the glare treatment of the lamp, but the lamp cloth position is unreasonable, will also cause glare appears.

How to avoid glare in shop lighting design?


Everywhere the lights, so that the guest's eyes can not find a place.

3, excessive number of lamps, too much brightness

Many of the store's friends have always had an idea in their mind: shop light is always better than dark, light a bit will also attract people into the store. However, the fact is not the same, because when the brightness is too large, the cornea and lens will produce light scattering, also can cause glare.

How to avoid glare in shop lighting design?


Your shop lights are like a lot of sniper's infrared point, the object is your customer!


That corresponds to open shop friends, how to do shop lighting to avoid the appearance of glare? In fact, it is also very simple, small series to popularize the simple:

1, the use of glare-proof lamps

Lamp glare is required to have a protection angle, the protection angle is any position of the head-up observer eye angle of the minimum value, with limited direct glare of the role. In the normal horizontal line of sight, in order to prevent the high brightness of the light caused by direct glare, the lamp must have at least 10°-15° shading angle. In the lighting quality requirements of the environment, lamps should be 30° of the shading angle.


Figure: As long as the light emitted by the lights are all controlled in the >30° angle, it can be said that the lamp is glare-proof.

In addition to the shading angle, there is a deep glare plus cellular network to achieve the effect of glare.

How to avoid glare in shop lighting design?


2. Reasonable scientific position of cloth lamp

What kind of cloth lamp is scientific and reasonable? The first thing to be clear is that the cloth lamp should be designed according to the product's actual pendulum, rather than a straight line design. If the product needs to constantly change the location, you can choose to adjust the angle of a large number of spotlights, to the bedroom as an example, how to avoid glare? The luminaire should be installed on the outside of the bed corresponding position, oblique projection, so that the bed is not only satisfied with the effect of light, there can avoid direct glare.


Reasonable light position, the effect is obvious

3, lamp quantity control within a reasonable range

Shop lighting, not the more the more the better, but according to the actual product material, exhibition area, color, paint, to decide! Solid wood furniture a square with 7-8 watts, and the soft furniture needs 10-12 watts, in accordance with this method of matching, not only to meet the general lighting needs, but also to highlight the characteristics of the product, to create a light and shade alternating space atmosphere.


Here, in fact, to avoid glare is also very easy, as long as the selection of a good lighting to do a reasonable design of the cloth lamp, sorta. May have a dealer friend will ask: I shop has the lamp, the cloth lamp bit is good, has the glare, how to avoid?

In fact this to avoid glare is also very simple, that is, add a control power can be achieved.