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Problems And Solutions Of Glue In LED Package Process

Mar 06, 2018

LED Yellow Change


1, baking temperature too high or too long;

2, the proportion of glue is wrong, a plastic more easily yellow.


1, ab gum in 120-140 degrees/30 minutes curing demoulding, 150 degrees longer than a long time to bake yellow change.

2, AB glue in 120-130 degrees/30-40 minutes curing demoulding, more than 150 degrees or long time baking will be yellow change.

3, to do a large lamp, to reduce the curing temperature.

Led Bubble problem


1, the bowl bubble: The stent dipped in bad.

2, Bracket bubble: Curing temperature is too high, epoxy curing is too intense.

3, crack gum, blasting top: Curing time is short, epoxy resin curing incomplete or uneven. AB gum exceeds available time.

4, the lamp cap surface bubble: Epoxy gum exist foam difficulty or user use vacuum degree is not enough, the glue time is too long.


Improve the process or contact the epoxy supplier according to the usage.

LED Support Climbing Adhesive


1. The surface of the bracket produces capillarity.

2, AB gum contains volatile materials.


Please contact the vendor.

LED package short roast after the long baking discoloration


1, the oven stacking too dense, poor ventilation.

2, the oven local temperature is too high.

3. There are other color-contaminated substances in the oven.


Improve ventilation. Remove the stain and confirm the actual temperature in the oven.

The lamp on the same row bracket, partly has the coloring phenomenon or the glue time is different, the quality is uneven


Not enough stirring.


Stir evenly, especially at the corners of the container.

Not easy to demoulding


AB gum problems or glue does not reach the curing hardness.


Please contact the supplier to confirm the curing temperature and time.

Add the same dosage of the same batch of color agent, but make the product color is different


Color agent concentration uneven;


Color agent heating, stirring evenly before use.