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What Are The Different Features Of The Architectural Landscape Design?

Mar 12, 2018

At present, Nightscape Lighting has gradually become a part of architectural language, in the expression of architectural culture plays an important role.

Different function buildings, night lighting design is different

Nightscape lighting should be consistent with architectural culture, expressing the functional characteristics of the building, that is, the mapping of architectural functions, different functions of the building, its night lighting design are different. 1.

Commercial Buildings


The nightscape lighting of commercial buildings should embody its flourishing atmosphere, and consider the overall coordination of brightness, light and shade, color and illumination. 2.

Science and Education Building and office building such as teaching building, library such science and education architecture, in the performance of lighting should focus on the expression of elegant, tranquil cultural atmosphere.

office buildings, hotel hotels, commemorative buildings should show a bright, solemn, concise atmosphere.

These two types of public buildings should not use a large area of color lighting, but should be used without shade lighting, or with no light lighting, local use of small area of color lighting, so that the color appears more harmonious and natural. 3.

Residential Buildings

Residential building lighting to highlight the life, appropriate to use warm yellow tone, rendering intimacy and life breath.

Lighting adds architectural cultural features Night lighting can further express architectural culture on the level of spiritual function, such as highlighting the religious nature.

In the aesthetic level, the architectural details can be expressed, the essence of expression, highlighting the cultural characteristics of architecture, add architectural charm.

The method of expressing architectural culture in nightscape illumination

Night lighting is to use the rich expression of light to reshape the image of the building at night, but how to use the light to correctly express the architectural culture? 1.


Color is a guide, symbolic and emotional, it is the night lighting to express architectural culture, one of the important ways to shape the image and atmosphere of the building, as well as enhance the attraction of the building plays a very key role. 2.

Control the lighting direction of light

By controlling the angle of lighting and the direction of light, such as the use of bottom-up lighting, the visual will produce different and daytime effects, break the light pattern generated by natural daylight, emphasize the detailed features of the building, so that the characteristics of the building in the daytime is fully revealed. 3.

Control illuminance and brightness

Control the illumination and brightness of night lighting, can shape the changes of light and shade, through more intense shade and shade contrast, make people have different psychological feelings. Generally speaking, the place has the prominent bright place, then the center is strong, has the lively atmosphere, the general place has the prominent dark place, then has the tranquil, the cold feeling. From the dark, the people will be introduced into the dream, from dark to bright, make a person's awakening.

The sudden darkness is frightening, sudden and exciting, and so on. 4.

Combination of different lighting methods

The combination of different lighting methods, such as floodlight, internal penetration, contour lighting or special lighting, can form a point, line, face different lighting effects, increase the level of sense. 5.

Determine viewing angle At night lighting design, by determining the main viewing angle, in order to determine the important façade of night lighting, there is a master, the main building of the lighting design can be different, at the same time, can also consider the distance, medium and close to different distances of the ornamental effect, as well as the building itself high, medium and low different ornamental effects,

So that the night image of the building more rich. 6.

Without destroying the original texture of the building.

The night lighting of buildings should not affect the body of the building itself, it can be realized through good lighting design, such as "See Light without Lights". The above night lighting methods can be integrated use, to ensure the overall harmony on the basis of a certain change, so that the night effect of the building has a sense of hierarchy and richness, to better highlight the architectural culture characteristics.