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Highlights Of The LED Circle This Week

Mar 20, 2018

"Big event"


British Enterprise Optovate developed relevant technology, Micro LED transfer breakthrough?


Micro LED Optics Expert Optovate Ltd., in Oxfordshire, UK, announces that they have developed a micro LED technology that can move multiple micro LEDs from the wafer parallel to the substrate in one step to achieve a precise optical array. First, it developed a unique microled transfer technology that can extract the micro LEDs from the wafer to the back panel for display and illumination.


Second, Optovate also developed a method for producing and integrating precision optical arrays that combine the light refraction and light reflection of each micro led, applied to a variety of displays, LCD backlight and solid-state lighting with controllable lighting and ultra-thin, low thickness, and other notable advantages.


A trip to the transition to add, Philips lighting renamed signify Philips Lighting announced today that it plans to change the company name (Philips Lighting) to signify. The new company name derives from a new definition of illumination: light has become an intelligent language, connecting and conveying information.


Under the licensing agreement with Royal Philips, the company's products will continue to use Philips, the world's most trusted lighting brand.


Million run technology to be about 460 million overweight led business, holding two "double A" enterprise 14th, the million run technology issued a notice, the company intends to acquire in cash in Guangdong in the construction of Tian you aesthetic Lighting Co., Ltd. 51.0248% Equity and Nanjing Lang Hui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 51% equity.


In the construction of Heaven Woo 51.0248% Equity of the transaction on the price of 209,201,680 yuan, Lang Hui photoelectric 51% share of the transaction price does not exceed the RMB 255 million yuan.


It is reported that two companies are excellent lighting engineering design and construction of integrated companies, have a city and road lighting engineering Professional contract one grade qualification and lighting Engineering special design Grade A qualification, commonly known as "double A".


NVC Lighting is intended to sell its domestic lighting products manufacturing business to BDO 14th, NVC Lighting issued a notice, the company and the contract Fondehau and Wang Dongrei to enter into a non-binding framework agreement, which is limited to the signing of specific agreements, the company intends to BDO run Tatsu and Mr. Wang Dongrei directly or indirectly sell the company's domestic lighting products manufacturing business,


It includes, but is not limited to, all capital shares in Huizhou NVC.


Light Bao Ke first show intelligent cockpit, large layout LED lights and other fields


Light Treasure Division will be in the auto Tech 2018 first exhibition "Wisdom Cockpit", Integrated t-box vehicle-funded communications, V2X, head display, ADAS (Advanced Driving auxiliary system) and car with wireless charging and other light bao technology long deep into the wisdom of the car's fruitful results, bringing a sense of the future of the driving experience.


It is reported that the light Bao branch in recent years a large layout of "car networking", "Driving safety/adas (Advanced Driving Auxiliary system) parts" and "energy-saving application/led headlight" and other fields.


"Performance Show"


Capacity Expansion, Huazan photoelectric 1q18 net profit estimate 125 million 12th, Huazan Photoelectric disclosed the first quarterly results of 2018, the company expects January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018 to achieve the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies 12,520.920,000 Yuan-14,540 420,000 yuan, compared to the same period of 8,078 10,000 yuan increase 55%-




State Lighting 2017 Revenue 4 billion, an increase of 25%


A few days ago, the state lighting disclosed the 2017 annual performance report, the company realized operating income of 4.031 billion yuan, an increase of 24.98%, to achieve net profit of 212 million yuan, fell 34.58%, the realization of ownership of the parent company's shareholder net profit of 210 million yuan, down 34.08%.


NVC Lighting, with Fang You profit forecast, 2017 net profit are greatly increased Recently, NVC Lighting Holdings Limited released its 2017 profit forecast, based on an initial assessment of the unaudited management accounts available to the group (NVC Lighting Holdings Limited, together with its subsidiaries) for the year ended December 31, 2017,


It is expected that the group of parent owners in the year ended December 31, 2017 will have a significant growth rate of more than 90% per cent over the 2016 period.


With Fang You Holdings Limited has also disclosed the 2017 annual earnings forecasts, the group's net profit for the year ended December 31, 2017 is expected to record a significant increase.


Display items and new products, macro-operation Heating Taiwan LED packaging factory Macro-transformation benefits continue to emerge. December this year, the revenue in the display project deferred account injection, respectively, the annual increase of 25.3%, 8.91%, the cumulative first two months revenue of about 525 million yuan (NT, the same below), also increased by 16.8%. In the first quarter, with the support of the display project, the quarterly revenue estimates were nearly last quarter.


Expected second quarter due to work days recovery, display output peak season and new product production driven, there is a chance to heat.


Last year to turn the deficit to surplus, Chuzhou new plant Q2 trial production 14th, the financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2017 and the full year are announced. Last year, the fourth quarter of the company's revenue decline, the realization of the combined revenue of 2.7 billion yuan, the quarter minus 14.8%, but the margin stability, maintain 14.8%, quarter minus 0.6%, annual increase of 20.5%, a single quarter continued to earn.


The annual gross profit margin of 14.9%, a record of nearly 6-year high, after-tax net profit of about 129 million yuan (NT).


In addition, the construction of the new plant in Chuzhou in Anhui Province has been completed, is expected to be installed in March 2018, and in the second quarter of trial production, is currently actively engaged in recruitment and education training.


led Lamp Factory Li Qing operation is good, joint-venture brand sales add kinetic energy LED Lamp Module Factory liqing Although December revenue from the end of last year's peak season, monthly decline, but the cumulative February revenue reached 809 million yuan (NT), the annual increase of 14.74%, still maintain a double-digit increase in performance; Liqing's revenue momentum this year has come from a joint-venture brand sales growth, Drive the company's relevant supply chain customers to increase the order, liqing to maintain this year's revenue growth of the view, and in the LED headlights orders gradually increased, but also looking at the profit momentum this year.