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Two-child Policy Or Will Affect The LED Lighting Industry

Mar 26, 2018

The comprehensive release of the "two-child" policy, the real estate and building materials market development has a certain impact. We know that children's business is a full of development potential of the industry, "poor parents heart", no parents will not be able to their best to children, first of all reflected in children's growth, living environment.


In recent years, people pay more and more attention to health and environmental protection, parents also pay more attention to the impact of home lighting on children's eyesight, from the baby room lamp to the child's study lamp, parents in these details will never be sloppy. Daily household life "environmental protection" and "health" is being paid more and more attention. But for children, safety is more of a concern. Furniture as an example, the national standards for children's furniture has been constantly refreshed, not only with harsh environmental considerations, the safety of product design also put forward higher requirements, lamps and lanterns are naturally no exception. In addition to the safety performance of the lamps and lanterns, parents will consider more about the durability of the lamps. What Lamp saves power? "Save the Electricity!" SaveBuy powdered Milk!


"From this, a large number of energy-saving and environmental protection led eye lamps, lighting, etc. will be favored." Children's room decoration design also has a key point: to let children feel comfortable and happy inside. Many children's lighting in the lighting function, but also can act as toys and decorations.


Fabric lighting and curtains and other soft outfit perfect collocation, more suitable for children living environment, therefore, cloth lighting market or will be driven up. In addition, with the development of science and technology, lighting is also an inevitable trend of intelligent, the children's lighting market will be more competitive. Children's lighting function will not just lighting, to make their products more competitive market, need to integrate more children expect other functions.