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What Is The Impact Of The U.S. On Large-scale Tax On Chinese Imports?

Mar 29, 2018

United States President Trump 22nd signed a presidential memorandum, announced that will be imported goods from China to impose a large tariff, and restrictions on Chinese companies to invest in the United States and mergers and acquisitions.


Trump said to the media before signing the White House that Chinese goods involving taxes could be as large as $60 billion trillion.


In response to the U.S. "Trade war", the Ministry of Commerce 23rd Morning issued a list of 232 measures for U.S. imports of steel and aluminum products and asked for public comment, the proposed import of some products from the United States to impose tariffs in order to balance the U.S. imports of steel and aluminum products levied on China's interests caused by the loss. Affected by this, the global stock market shock.


He Fei, senior researcher at the Bank's Financial research Center, said that goods such as telecommunications technology, electromechanical products, furniture toys, textiles and garments, base metals and products, shoes and umbrellas and other light industrial products, plastic rubber, chemicals, medical equipment and other commodities could be the most affected by the U.S. "Tariff war".


If the United States to improve product tariffs related to LED products, the export of U.S. led enterprises will affect? Austrian Billiton said that the overall basic is not affected by U.S. trade policy fluctuations.


According to the Austrian Extension electronics 2017.5 Annual report shows that the first half of 2017, the Austrian Billiton accounted for only 18.29% of the total revenue, and its main overseas market for Europe, in the United States only a small part of the business. Liard foreign business revenue accounted for 42% in the first half of 2017, although the ratio is relatively high, but its overseas market coverage is wide, including Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and other global more than 100 countries and regions. In addition, Liard owns two Native American companies in the electronics and NP companies, and most of the overseas revenue is contributed by these two companies.


So, ledinside editors believe that a rise in the US would have little impact on the company's revenues. The same as the LED display enterprises of the state-Ming technology and Ebbison seems to be different.


In the first half of 2017, the state Ming technology LED display products overseas operating income of 78,653.410,000 yuan, accounting for the company's LED display business income of 69.26%, of which the Americas contributed 28.68%, up to 22,560 yuan. Ebbison as the first in the LED display industry to open up the international market, one of the company LED display exports for many years ranked industry first, for many years overseas operating income accounted for the total operating income ratio of about 80%.


According to its 2017.5 annual report, the first half of 2017 achieved operating income of 51,189 850,000 yuan, of which North American contribution performance of 8,920 760,000 yuan, accounting for up to 17.43%. From the above four enterprises, the export situation, the state of technology and Ebbison may be the impact of Villade and Austrian electronics slightly larger. But at present, the United States has not published a list of China's tax products, LED-related products will not be in the tax list is not sure, so the final situation remains to be seen.


Recently, Chau Ming Technology also in the interactive platform to respond that the company led small pitch display products do not receive a tax notice. According to the latest report of the New York Times, these tariffs on Chinese products cover from shoes, clothing to electronic products and other aspects, about 1300 kinds. Details will be announced in 15 days by the U.S. Trade department.