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The Future Is Orange? Another City To Adopt Amber LED Street Lamp

Apr 16, 2018

Dunedin, the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, is looking for the possibility of installing amber LEDs that look similar to the current low-pressure sodium lamps. The city councillor has already watched the demo of the Amber led and now has to decide whether to install white LED or Amber led in the next few months.

The government has reserved a budget of 12 million New Zealand dollars (about 55.43 million yuan) for a 10-year LED lighting scheme. The decision is due to concerns that white-light led streetlights may have a health impact. Michael Broughton, a member of the local "Dark Sky Organization" (Dark Skies Group), is pushing the amber LEDs.

He expressed concern over light pollution and hoped that the city council would adopt Amber LEDs, which he believed would have little impact on humans, wildlife and the night sky.

Broughton stressed that there is no perfect option, because all LED lights will have shortcomings. If Dunedin uses amber led streetlights, it will be another city after Arizona, State Flagstaff in the United States. Previously, Flagstaff decided to transition to amber led to minimize light pollution.