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Let The Civilized Traffic Into The Heart Don't Let The Distant Light Glare

Apr 16, 2018

"Random use of far-light collection system" in the provincial capital part of the intersection "induction" The light is crucial for the vehicle at night, it is like the third eye of the driver, to ensure the driver's night driving safety.

But in real life, often see some motorists do not follow the rules, in the night to drive abuse of far-light, the people to their own great harm. In order to effectively solve the illegal abuse of the remote light, April 12, Taiyuan City Public Security Department to borrow the most stringent traffic violations in the history of the most rigorous, and actively explore technology strong police strategy, make full use of High-tech, in Taiyuan part of the intersection of the installation of testing "indiscriminate use of remote light collection system", using advanced video capture technology,

With the help of intelligent means, the vehicle illegally opened far light for automatic capture, so as to deter illegal behavior, standardize driver night driving habits, reduce night driving safety risk. According to the relevant investigation, "misuse of the far-light" "stoppering" "Drink driving" has become the most dangerous and most offensive of the people in the minds of the three kinds of traffic violations, and "misuse of far-light" high ranked top. In real life, the traffic casualties caused by accidents are not uncommon, and the harm is serious.

As part of the driver for the misuse of the far-light of the illegal knowledge is not in place, in addition to the Department of Management due to difficult problems such as forensics, can not be all punishment in place, leading to night passing Kaiyuan lights illegal phenomenon prominent. Introduction of the Traffic police Department, "the use of Remote Light collection system" is a remote light vehicle implementation of automatic capture, the remote light detection unit realizes the identification and detection of the remote light on the vehicle, at the same time, it captures the picture of three different moments on the vehicle which opens the far light. The second is the automatic license plate number, license plate color, Auto-identification of body color and so on, three can automatically generate violation of the picture, and according to the evidentiary requirements of the image compression.

At the same time, the original image information of the system record has tamper-proof function, and the security information such as overlay watermark for every illegal record of records is prevented from being tampered with in the process of transmission, storage and processing.

After the completion of the installation test, the Public Security department will reign the illegal punishment!

The Public Security Department will further strengthen the video surveillance, electronic monitoring and other scientific and technological equipment construction and investment, and constantly strengthen the online patrol, and the road on the police formed a linkage mechanism, the discovery of the night is not in accordance with the provisions of the illegal use of far-light, resolutely investigated.


The main harm of abusing far-light lamps One is to cause the driver to blind instantly.

When the night party car, the far light can make to the driver visual instantly blinding, blinding time according to the driver's own eyesight, the surrounding environment of different duration is also different, generally the fastest also lasts about 2 seconds of time, during which the driver as close eyes to drive, the pedestrians around and before and after the ability to observe the car greatly decreased. Second, the perception of distance and speed is decreased. The night lane is not good, the human eye for the opposite to the speed of the car to judge would have discounted, in such a case to open the remote light of the eye of the interference will make judgment accelerated decline.

Open far light is very easy to cause misjudgment of the vehicle speed and distance, traffic accident hidden danger greatly increased. The third is the loss of judgment on width.

The large halo produced by the far Light will occupy a large part of the human eye vision, allowing the driver to take the wrong action in the light of the width of the car and the judgment of the situation behind it. Four is extremely easy to cause the traffic accident. All kinds of lights in the car, in addition to lighting, but also play the role of the signal, is to inform the traffic participants how you are about to operate, thereby avoiding early.

In addition to the remote light can lead to blind people leading to traffic accidents, especially the start, change the road is not according to the provisions of the use of turn lights, but also caused by road traffic accidents in urban areas one of the incentives.

Legal provisions on misuse of distant light

According to the "Road Traffic Safety law" and other relevant laws and regulations:

(a) In the absence of a central isolation facility or a road passing without a central line, a remote light cannot be used within 150 meters from the relative direction of the vehicle.

(b) Remote lights cannot be used when there are no central isolation facilities or narrow bridges, narrow roads and non-motorized passing without a central line.

(c) Through intersections with traffic signals, no remote light can be used when turning.

(d) When there is no street lights, poor lighting or in the case of low visibility such as fog, rain, snow or dust, the remote light can not be used when driving in the same direction with the car in the front of the vehicle in close range.

(five) when overtaking at night, should be used alternately to remind the vehicle ahead.

(vi) It is not advisable to use far-light lamps in better lighting areas. (vii) for the use of remote lights, the traffic police Department will be given 1 points in accordance with the law, a fine of 100 yuan punishment.