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Beauty Value And Function, To Create The Perfect University Outdoor Lighting

Apr 18, 2018

The university campus is a special place: Many students study in the library until late at night, many enthusiastic football fans will be in the football season after the end of the game to party, so to speak, the university campus do not know "closing time."


So how does outdoor lighting meet the unique needs of college campuses?


Jeanne Mercer-ballard, an associate professor of interior design at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, talks about outdoor lighting and its role in university campuses.


Safety, he argues, is a top priority for campus lighting, ensuring that students, faculty and other personnel can walk safely through college campuses. Later in the evening, although it may not be a time of high flow, people will still walk across the campus.


Therefore, all-weather effective lighting is a major consideration for university campuses and can be accomplished through sensor technology and networked lighting. Campus Outdoor lighting can not only create a safe environment, but also in the campus of the United States to play a huge role. The color of the light or the appearance of the lamp can greatly change the appearance of the campus and improve the visitors ' visual feeling.


Appalachian State University is a good example of the perfect blend of outdoor lighting design with the campus, in line with the campus atmosphere and aesthetic. Therefore, outdoor lighting on the campus can enhance the user experience, enhance the overall look and feel of the campus, and create a safer, healthier and more attractive environment for students, teachers and visitors.