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LED Illumination Penetration Improves Auto Electronics Market Burst

Apr 20, 2018

From the domestic market application structure of discrete device products, its application areas include consumer electronics, computer and peripherals markets, network communications, electronic equipment and instrumentation, automotive electronics, LED display and electronic lighting and many other aspects.

Among them, consumer electronics, computer and peripherals and network communication is the traditional semiconductor discrete device application market, automotive electronics and electronic lighting is a fast growing application market in recent years.

LED illumination penetration rate increases In the field of lighting, semiconductor lighting (LED) as a new type of green light source products, with energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and so on, and widely used in a variety of indicators, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban night scene and other fields.

At present, LED has become a cost-effective ecological light source, fully into the lighting replacement market, in the global elimination of incandescent lamps and restrictions on the use of fluorescent lamps (mercury), under the trend of the global semiconductor lighting market appears to be explosive growth. China is a large country of lighting industry, LED lighting has grown rapidly in recent years. 2015 China's lighting industry scale of about 560 billion yuan, of which led lighting industry scale of about 155 billion yuan, annual growth rate of 32.

5%,led Lighting in the lighting industry in the proportion of about 28%, domestic LED lighting production of about 6 billion, domestic sales of about 2.8 billion, LED lighting products domestic market penetration (LED lighting Products domestic sales volume/lighting products total domestic sales quantity) about 32%. 2016, the global accelerated elimination of incandescent lamps, LED has become the mainstream light source of illumination. China's domestic LED lighting production of about 8 billion, an increase of 33% per cent, domestic sales of about 3.8 billion, an increase of 35%.

LED lighting products in the domestic market penetration rate reached 42%, up from 2015 to 10%.

Estimated 2017 China's LED lighting products number reached 9.6 billion, LED lighting products in the domestic market penetration rate reached 50%.

Auto Electronics market is on the verge of breaking out Prospective Industry Research institute "2018-2023 China Automotive Electronics Industry market prospective and investment strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that automotive electronics in the overall cost of the proportion is increasing, compact car accounted for 15%, middle-grade cars accounted for about 28%, the hybrid car accounted for 47%,

Pure electric car accounted for 65%, in the intelligent, electronic trend, automotive electronics to the entire semiconductor market to bring new vitality and new growth point. As the basic components embedded in the automotive electronic products, the semiconductor discrete devices have huge rigid demand space.

Along with the automotive electronics towards intelligence, information, network development, as well as a variety of LED energy-saving lamps in the car main lights, LED, lighting, decorative lights and other aspects of the popularization of semiconductor discrete devices in the automotive electronic products, the application of more and more wide. In the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, the amount of discrete devices in a single vehicle is only 71 dollars. And the new Energy vehicle single discrete device quantity reaches 387 dollars, is the traditional automobile automobile dosage 5 times times above, the application market is extremely broad. Taking the current popular power semiconductor IGBT as an example. IGBT is the core component of a new energy vehicle that converts a direct current into an alternating-current inverter. Accounted for half of the cost of the motor drive system, while the motor drive system accounted for the cost of the 15-20%, that is, IGBT accounted for the cost of the vehicle 7-10%, except the battery cost of the second highest components, but also determines the entire vehicle's energy efficiency.

Not only the motor drive to use IGBT, new energy generators and air-conditioning parts generally need igbt.

Put aside the application demand of the traditional automobile field to the semiconductor discrete devices the demand for discrete semiconductor devices in the new energy industry is staggering, not to mention the booming development of new energy vehicles in various countries today. 2017, China's annual production of new energy vehicles nearly 800,000 units, compared to 2016 growth of 54%, with the rapid development of China's new energy industry, automotive electronics for semiconductor discrete devices will usher in the outbreak period.