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Light Pollution: Dark Wounds In The Bright World

May 15, 2018

The splendid glory highlights the city's bustling charm. The colorful night scenes shape the legend of the night. This bright world is convenient for people's lives, but it also hides invisible pollution.

Summer came, and the sun was roasting on the earth. The row upon row of buildings looked like a mirror, shook the whole city brightly, looked up, and saw how much it stung; until night fell, the lights and twinkling neon of the vicissitudes of silence gave tranquility. The night is covered with gold and jade jackets, a street is like the Milky Way shining light, a car is the river that flows in the ripples of pearls, low eyebrows gaze, it is dazzling.

The splendid glory highlights the city's bustling charm. The colorful night scenes shape the legend of the night. This bright world is convenient for people's lives, but it also hides invisible pollution. Light pollution refers to the phenomenon that excess light radiation has adverse effects on human life and production environment. It is a physical pollution. Major pollutants are all kinds of light that negatively affect people's normal activities, damage the ecological environment and damage human health, including visible light, Infrared and ultraviolet light.

The problem of light pollution was raised by the international astronomical community in the 1930s. It was due to the negative influence of the outdoor lighting of the city on the astronomical observation caused by the brightening of the sky. It was also called noise pollution,” “light damage,” “light interference,etc. One of the most widespread forms of pollution is easily overlooked. At present, more than 80% of the world's population lives in an environment full of artificial light. Nearly 80% of North Americans and 60% of Europeans cannot see the Milky Way.

Internationally, light pollution is generally classified into white light pollution, artificial white light, and color light pollution.

Bailiang pollution mainly refers to pollution caused by light reflected from decorative materials such as glass curtain walls, glazed brick walls, polished marble, and various paints of urban buildings when sunlight is intense during the daytime. According to the scientific determination, the light reflectance of ordinary whitewashed walls is between 69% and 80%, the light reflective system of mirror glass is between 82% and 88%, and the light reflectance of a particularly smooth white wall and white paper is as high as 90%. It is about 10 times higher than that of grass, forests, or rough surfaces. It exceeds the range of physiological adaptation that the human body can withstand. Especially in summer, when strong sunlight is reflected by the glass curtain wall, some places will be exposed to direct sunlight and sunlight, resulting in higher temperatures. If the sun is reflected by the semicircular glass curtain wall, it will easily cause fire; the reflected light will also stimulate The drivers eyes endanger traffic safety. People exposed to white light pollution for a long period of time are prone to sharp drops in vision, elevated blood pressure, anxious and fever, and neurasthenia. The retina and iris are subject to varying degrees of damage. The incidence of cataracts is as high as 45%, and hallucinations sometimes occur.

Artificial daylighting refers to advertising signboards, searchlights, nightscape lighting and other facilities. After nightfall, it emits dazzling light and shines in darkness, making the night like the daytime. The more prosperous the city is, the brighter the night is. The nightless citydestroys the day and night mode and changes the delicate balance of the natural environment. This not only hides the sky, but also increases energy consumption and destroys ecological security. For humans, artificial ferrets not only endanger vision, but also interfere with the central nervous system, disrupt the circadian rhythm of body functions, disturb the body's "biological clock", affect the body's biological and chemical systems, and reduce pineal melatonin secretion. Impairs physiological function and reduces immunity. The study found that if a child sleeps in a dark room before the age of two, the percentage of nearsightedness is about 10%; if sleeping in a room with a headlight, the proportion of nearsightedness is about 55%. In addition, artificial ferrets interfere with animal reproduction cycles and migration of migratory birds and pose serious threats to normal reproduction of birds, insects, and sea turtles. Animals that use light sources to determine orientation lose their orientation and use wavelengths to judge. The temperature of the plant thus lost the season. Research shows that on average, 4 million birds per year mistake the high-rise lights as starlight, crash or die, and a small advertising light box can "attract" and "kill" 350,000 insects a year; Trees near the street lights wither faster.