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Export Night Light Design Should Avoid Toy Modeling

May 15, 2018

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more smart small electrical products have entered ordinary families. Lighting devices and lighting products are key export products in Ningbo. In 2017, the export value reached 26.836 billion yuan, involving hundreds of companies, many of which produced nightlight products. As a kind of lighting products, the night light has the characteristics of convenient use and soft lighting. It plays a role in guiding lighting in the darkness and is deeply loved by consumers. It is especially suitable for babies' and children's rooms. Nightlights are ever-changing shapes, materials include ceramics, wood, iron, acrylic, metal and so on. Many domestic manufacturers, in order to increase the sales volume of their products and make their products popular with the children's groups, have tried their best to design the nightlights in a variety of shapes in order to pursue the decorative effect of the nightlights.

However, the beautiful appearance and easy-to-use night light will bring great harm if it is improperly designed and used. Recently, Croatia issued a consumer warning to a Chinese-made night light WL-840through the European Commissions Non-Food Rapid Alert System (RAPEX). This nightlight product is a toy cartoon. The reason for the notification is that the shape of the night light may attract children and the electric insulation is insufficient. Children have the danger of electric shock when they play the night light. Insufficient electrical insulation may cause the live parts to be touched and cause electric shock or fire. This product does not comply with the requirements of the "EU Low Voltage Directive" and the relevant European standard EN60598. This is not just a case report. Throughout 2017, countries such as Poland, Spain, Croatia, etc., who have produced Chinese nightlights may be mistaken for toys by children. Children may get an electric shock when they remove them from the socket. A total of 3 recall notifications were initiated. Then, why did the night light products frequently encounter foreign notifications and what are the quality conditions?

Judging from the circumstances of the foreign notification of recalls, the major unqualified reasons for the night light products are the following: First, the appearance of the night light is designed as a toy model. Children may use the cartoon night light as a toy to play. Due to the high voltage of some parts of the product, it may be touched by children and cause electric shock. The biggest misunderstandings of this type of commodity, European and American standards, and other developed countries and China's mandatory standards have stipulated that nightlights can not be designed to children may be mistaken for the shape of toys: such as the EU EN60598 standard, China's mandatory standard GB7000.212- 2008 etc. The second is that the night light material does not meet the requirements of flame resistance. Overheating may cause combustion. Third, some small nightlight batteries do not meet the requirements. If they are used for a long time, they may cause fire hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled that there were more than 143,000 nightlights produced in China because of the battery.

Therefore, relevant experts reminded that manufacturers should first understand the standards used by importing countries before exporting products. In particular, EU standards clearly stipulate that toy modeling and decoration cannot be used. Therefore, exporters should pay enough attention to produce products that meet the standards and avoid Informed by the European Union or other countries causing unnecessary economic and reputational losses. Secondly, the selection of raw materials for night light should be strictly controlled to avoid overheating and flammable conditions when the product is used for a long time. At the end of the day, when consumers select the night light, they first choose a simple shape, which is not easy to cause children to mistake the toy product. At the same time try to choose LED as a light source of the night light, the surface material must have flame retardant properties, such a higher degree of product safety. Finally, we must pay attention to the use of certain brand awareness and products with national mandatory certification standards.