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2018 NEW Design :360 Degree Waterproof Led Window Light --Luxsky Lighting Manufacturer

May 19, 2018

2018 new design: 360 degree IP65 waterproof led window light, 180 degree IP65 waterproof led window light, RGB Window light, RGBW window light,

window lighting.jpg LED window light .jpg

360FIND is an outdoor lighting product. The main materials are highstrength aluminum alloy and optical PC lens with 360° optical design.The product appearance is patented design.As FIND appears, traditional wall washer light will gradually disappear,and led strip will become less used. This will be a revolutionary breakthrough in LED light industry.FIND, the combination of wall light and flood light, combines art with technology, reaching to perfection of lighting.FIND, greatly reduces material cost and labor cost, and saves electric bill and energy cost.

    Specification of LED Windon Lamps:

    Power(W)     5W    5W   5W   5W
    Driver    CE/UL   CE/UL  CE/UL  CE/UL
    PF    >0.9   >0.9  >0.9  >0.9
    Input Voltage    DC24V   DC24V  DC24V  DC24V
    Control Protocol    DMX512   DMX512  DMX512  DMX512
    LED Brand   CREE/Osram  CREE/Osram  CREE/Osram  CREE/Osram
    LED Quantity   9/12pcs  9/12pcs  9/12pcs  9/12pcs
    Beam Angle   360°  360°  360°  360°
    Operating Temp.
      -40°C~+50°C -40°C~+50°C-40°C~+50°C-40°C~+50°C
    Materials Aluminum+PCAluminum+PCAluminum+PCAluminum+PC
    IP Rate  IP65  IP65  IP65  IP65
    Warranty  3 Years 3 Years  3 Years  3 Years





      Application:Corridor decoration lighting,Windowsill lighting ,Hall decorating lighting ,Building outline decoration lighting ,Wall lighting and so on.


      corridors lighting .jpg

      hotel decoration lighting.jpghotel outlined lighting .jpg

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