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LED Lights Getting Started Guide

Jun 01, 2018

No ballast required

In many homes, the fluorescent tubes that are used today are replaced by LEDs. Some people find that they are not bright at all after direct replacement. At this time, do not think that there is a problem with the quality of the lamp. The problem is that you have overlooked a component. That is the ballast. Since the LED lamp is a self-contained drive power source, it is necessary to remove the fluorescent lamp ballast when replacing the LED lamp.

As for the LED bulb, it can be directly used with the original E27 and other interfaces.

Do not look at the wattage to see the lumens

Today's LED lamps have become more and more efficient. Normally, a 5-10 watt LED lamp illuminates a room. However, if it is a conventional lighting method, the brightness can be much lower. Therefore, if you buy lights in accordance with the previous understanding, it is very likely that the lights you buy will blink bright.

To solve this problem, look at the number of lumens just fine. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. Select the appropriate lumen value. For example, an incandescent lamp of 1000 lumens, 100 watts, when replaced with LED lights, you only need to look for 1000 lumens. Don't run away and say: To sell lights, give me a 100 watt LED light.

Concerned about color temperature and color rendering

General incandescent lamp color temperature between 2500K to 3000K, yellowish white; fluorescent lamp color temperature range from 2500K to 5000K optional. The LED lamp color temperature also has a great choice of space. In general, a higher color temperature will make people more alert and alert, and a lower color temperature will make people feel calmer and quieter. Therefore, in addition to personal preferences, the choice of color temperature may also be considered according to the use scenario.

As for color rendering, high color rendering is naturally reflected in the price, and within the acceptable range, of course, the higher the better.

Finally, we should add a product that has a better brand recognition in the market as far as possible. After all, under the same circumstances, the internal difference may be astonishingly large.

Well, the above is some simple purchase suggestions. Hope to help you.