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This LED Seat Has Magical Function To Detect People's Sitting Position

Jun 11, 2018

This LED seat is equipped with a plurality of pressure sensors, each of which is sandwiched by an insulating film on two electrode layers made of conductive silicone. By measuring the user's weight distribution, these sensors can determine whether people's sitting posture is ergonomic - more specifically, they can detect if the user is sitting at an inappropriate angle, or maintain a posture too long.


The data is transmitted wirelessly to a computer or mobile device, processed by a companion application, and then transmitted back to the chair. It responds by lighting up certain colors of LEDs, letting users know what changes they need to make.

Users can then view the video explaining the problem through the application and how to correct the problem. The application can also guide the user through exercises aimed at alleviating the problems caused by improper posture and sensors to detect whether they are practicing correctly.

Researchers are currently demonstrating the system at the MS Wissenschaft exhibition ship in Germany. Researchers believe that this technology can also be integrated into more practical applications such as floor mats or office chairs.