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Taipei International Photoelectric Week 2018

Aug 20, 2018

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2018/8/29 to 2018/8/31

Exhibition venue: Taipei nankang exhibition hall

Sponsor: Taiwan photoelectric association


Scope of exhibition:

Compound Semiconductor

Semiconductor materials, single crystal rod, substrate, wafer, grain etc

Semiconductor process equipment: wafer (long crystal/diffusion/exposure/etching), assembly (cutting/binding/packaging), testing (environment/probe/aging), etc

4 Optoelectronics Devices

5. LED, Laser bond

6 microwave components (HBT, HEMT)

7 optical component, image sensor (CCD, CIS, CMOS)

8 display module (LCD, OLED, LCOS, DMD)

Optical-electromechanical integration, microelectromechanical system, nanometer technology

10 Optical fiber Communication

11 fiber/cable, optical active component, optical passive component

12 optical communication system/equipment, optical measuring equipment

13 Laser applications (Laser applications)

Industrial laser, laboratory laser, medical laser

Laser holographic products, laser peripherals and materials

15. Light output and storage

(Optical I/O & Storage Devices)

Optical engine, chipset, photosensitive drum, reading head, dye, etc

Camera, mobile phone, transaction machine (sweep)

The detailed information

Taipei photoelectric week is a special allowance project supported by the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China.

"Taipei international photoelectric week" sponsored by the "Taiwan association of photoelectric technology and industry (PIDA)" has become one of the most important photoelectric exhibitions in the world. The exhibitions include: international photoelectric exhibition, 3D printing zone, biomedical photoelectric zone, laser application zone, and Taiwan forward-looking academic zone. Each session of "Taipei international photoelectric week" has displayed the latest development trend of international photoelectric technology and products, which is the wind vane of international photoelectric industry and market development!

"Taipei international photoelectric week 2017" attracted 307 exhibitors from all over the world, with 650 booths. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 816 visitors from 64 countries, among which overseas buyers were mainly from Japan, mainland China, the United States, South Korea and Germany.

Since 2012, the delegation from mainland China has been organized by shenzhen lideshe exhibition co., LTD, a national first-level organization and exhibition agency. "China mainland exhibition area" organized by "shenzhen lideshe exhibition" has become the largest overseas exhibition group of the exhibition over the years, and each session has become the focus of attention of all parties.

In order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the optoelectronics industry between the two sides of the Taiwan straits, with the approval of the ministry of commerce, the bureau of foreign trade development of the ministry of commerce and the organizer of the exhibition will jointly hold the "opto-electronics exhibition across the Taiwan strait" and organize activities such as the opto-electronics trade fair between the two sides of the Taiwan straits during the "Taipei international photoelectricity week 2018". "2018 cross-strait photoelectric exhibition" will be organized by "shenzhen lideshe exhibition co., LTD." as the host of the organization, we sincerely invite a large number of photoelectric industry enterprises to actively participate in the event of cross-strait photoelectric industrial cooperation.