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2018 Japan International Advertising Logo Exhibition Basic Information:

Aug 29, 2018

Exhibition Time: 2018/8/30 to 2018/9/1

Exhibition Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Japan

Organizer: Tokyo Outdoor Advertising Association

Organizer: "China Group exhibition" Guangzhou International Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Scope: Advertising equipment: Digital inkjet equipment (printers, flat-screen printing presses, screen printing presses, special printing presses), image photo equipment, engraving and cutting equipment, marking equipment (lettering machine, banner machine, blister machine, bending machine, card printing equipment, bending word machine, etc.), packaging equipment, mounting plastic sealing equipment (laminating machine, layer mounted machine,

Punching machine, etc.), acrylic production equipment, etc. Advertising materials and equipment: Inkjet photo Media (inkjet cloth, light box cloth, canvas, reflective materials, body stickers, single-permeable film, stickers, photo paper, PVC sheet, aluminum-plastic board, cardboard, acrylic sheet), inkjet printing supplies; exhibition equipment (roll-up, X-frame, banner, data frame, file frame, three-side turn, multi-face,

Showcase, promotion table, shelves, selling point display), banner, inflatable model, logo signage, etc. Advertising lighting and display: LED advertising lighting, LED lights with lighting, LED advertising logo light source, advertising module, advertising lights, advertising display panel/display frame, entertainment lighting, neon and signs, lighting board, optoelectronic display, luminous signs (resin light-emitting words, rolling light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes and other Lightbox,

LED outdoor billboard, LED light-emitting word, led point light source and special light source), LED display, led outdoor landscape lights, road signs and signage system, multimedia display, LCD display, display, large screen, projector, traffic warning and safety signs, advertising vehicles, touch screen, digital signage, etc.

Other advertising products: advertising gifts, promotional items, POS advertising products, stamps, labels, special effects printing,

More information

"Exhibition Introduction" The sign and DISPLAY show, hosted by the Tokyo Outdoor Advertising Association, is supported by the Tokyo government, the Japan Outdoor Advertising Federation and the outdoor Advertising Federation in Kanto, Japan. Since its inception in 1958, 59 sessions have been held successfully. The exhibition is one of the oldest and most influential professional advertising exhibitions in Asia and even the world. The last 153 companies exhibited a total of 412 booths, of which 68% of the exhibitors planned to continue to participate in the next session, 29721 professional visitors, of which 82% had the intention to purchase. Japan Advertising exhibition is Asia's latest advertising production and design trend launch platform, to find customers, display products, Japan Advertising exhibition is the best choice.