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2018 Middle East Dubai International Lighting Exhibition

Sep 08, 2018

Basic information:

Exhibition time: September 23, 2018/9/25, 2018/9/23

Exhibition venue: world trade center, dubai, united Arab emirates

Sponsor: Germany Frankfurt exhibition company

Contractor: guangzhou liyang exhibition co. LTD

Scope of exhibition:

? Decorative lighting and accessories?

? Lighting system electrical and electronic components and accessories

? Electric lights and bulbs?

? LED lighting class

? Technical lighting and accessories?

? Intelligent building automation class

The detailed information

2018 Middle East dubai international lighting exhibition

Relevant units:

To expand our lamps and lanterns, lighting and electric Light source products in the international market, promote the development of foreign trade and promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field, our company will continue to organize relevant domestic enterprises to participate in 2018 on September 23 to 25 in the united Arab emirates dubai world trade center in the Middle East (dubai) international city, architecture and commercial lighting exhibition (Light Middle East). The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. introduction to the exhibition

Name of exhibition :2018 Middle East (dubai) international city, building and commercial lighting exhibition

Fair time: September 23, 2018 solstice 25

Venue: dubai, united Arab emirates

Pavilion name: world trade center, dubai, united Arab emirates

Exhibition overview:

The 2018 Middle East (dubai) international city, building and commercial lighting fair is one of the most well-known brand exhibitions of the Frankfurt exhibition company and one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in the world of architectural lighting and lighting industry. The exhibition has been held in conjunction with the Middle East international kitchen and bathroom exhibition and the Middle East international horticulture exhibition, covering a total area of 12,329 square meters in 2017.

A total of 345 exhibitors from 28 countries around the world participated in the 2017 exhibition, with world famous enterprises OSRAM, LG, CINMAR and TRIDONIC also participating, attracting 5,618 professional visitors from the Middle East and 74 other countries around the world, highlighting the huge attraction of the dubai lighting market.

The Middle East (dubai) international city, building and commercial lighting fair is dedicated to creating a unique innovation platform, providing more technology exchange opportunities for people in the industry and promoting business cooperation. In the next few years, dubai, as one of the most advanced smart cities in the world, has launched the strategy of 2021 dubai plan, and smart lighting is a very important part of the smart city plan. Join our exhibition, you will see the lighting technology, in the future energy conservation and reduction of pollution, resource consumption have innovative breakthroughs.

Light Middle East is one of the series of Light+Building, one of Frankfurt's most well-known brands, which has developed into the most professional lighting show radiating across the gulf.

Ii. Exhibition contents

1. Decorative lighting and accessories?

2.Lighting system electrical and electronic components and accessories

3. Electric lights and bulbs?

4. LED lighting class

5.Technical lighting and accessories?

6. Intelligent building automation class