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2018 Madrid, Spain Power Electronics And Lighting

Sep 21, 2018

products show basic information:

Exhibition Time: 2018/10/25 to 2018/10/28

Venue: International Exhibition Centre, Madrid, Spain

Organizer: IFEMA

Organizer: IFEMA

Exhibition Scope: 

Exhibits range 

Chandeliers and crystal lights, crystal lamp accessories, recessed lights, all kinds of spotlights and spotlights LED lights, energy-saving lamps, halogen incandescent lamps, emergency lights and safety 

Full-logo lights, home lighting, office lighting, stage cinema lights, searchlights, intelligent lighting system outdoor lighting, garden lamps 

Other light source products, ballasts, wire and terminal posts, switches and sockets, electroplating materials, electronic parts, other lighting accessories  

such as 

Electrotechnical products, electrical equipment, telecommunications equipment, control equipment, electrical engineering, power components, electronic production equipment, air-conditioning and installation

Power supply, measuring system, electric motor, meteorological equipment, power battery.

Electric power, electrical equipment, lighting and led, energy and technology, communication systems, building automation and so on.

More information

Exhibition Introduction: 

In the Spanish lighting market, specialized lighting stores accounted for 30% share, large stores 20%, sales of middle and low products of large shopping area 10%, installed The market rate of repair company is 10%. 

Chinese products into the Spanish market, products cover all kinds of basic lamps, there are day lanterns, household seats 

Ground lamp, wall lamp to lamp, etc., the price is more than 40% cheaper than Spanish or EU products. 

Matelec since the first session in 1982, has successfully held 17 sessions, the last exhibitor number reached 1040, the audience reached 72164 people Times. There are 118 lighting exhibitors in this exhibition, including 65 exhibitors in China, accounting for more than half of them. 

Exhibitors mainly to the West Ben teeth are mainly local, as well as Germany, Holland, China and other regions. 

Buyers are mainly from various cities in Spain, Portugal, west European countries, North Africa, Latin America and so on. 

By setting up different zones, organizing technical seminars and opening only to professional audiences, 2014MATELEC will gather the most representative companies and professionals in power, electronic components and lighting.

 Show the latest electric and lighting technology achievements. 

The organizers of the exhibition, Spain's most powerful IFEMA official exhibition organization, in its well-planned, large 

Publicity, the exhibition, regardless of size and the effect of the exhibition has greatly increased, the market competitiveness of the emerging industry in the international 

The development of the market is of great significance. 

Matelec, the Madrid International Electronics, electrical installations and lighting products exhibition, is one of the most important exhibitions in Spain And in the international exhibition reputation, in the field of electrical and lighting development has a great impact. 

Since the first session held in 1982 , two years one session. 

Organizers Ifema is a powerful Spanish official exhibition organization, through the establishment of different zones, the organization of Technical research 

The exhibition will explore the latest innovations in technology and services to showcase the latest advances in electronic technology.

  Previous review

  Exhibitors: More than 1000 exhibitors have 118 exhibitors in China with 65

  Professional audience: More than 70,000

  Exhibition Area: 53792 sqm 

2006 Chinese exhibitors participated in the exhibition for the first time, so the exhibition has a good prospect for Chinese enterprises. As Iberian Pen. largest 

Electronic Power installation exhibition, participating in the exhibition will help Chinese enterprises to expand the Iberian Pen. market and its radiation surrounding areas such as North America 

Latin America.

  Market Analysis 

Spain is a fast-growing country in the EU, with more than 10 consecutive years of rapid growth, a rarity in Western countries In China's foreign trade, the EU and the United States and Japan are listed as three major markets. 

China and the EU are important trading partners, 

Despite the differences between the two sides on some issues, both sides want to deepen their understanding and enhance cooperation, and for this reason, the two sides have repeatedly conducted high-level The exchange of visits and the signing of trade agreements will give China an opportunity to export to EU Member States, including Spain.