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The 14th Hunan LED Lighting Technology Exhibition 2019

Nov 01, 2018

Exhibition time: 2019/3/15 to 2019/3/17

Exhibition venue: changsha red star international convention and exhibition center

Sponsor: hunan lighting society

Changsha haotian exhibition service co. LTD

Contractor: changsha haotian exhibition service co. LTD

Outdoor lighting: square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decoration lighting, building floodlighting, stadium lighting, landscape

Lighting, guardrail lamp, wall washer lamp, optical fiber lamp, moisture-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp, solar/wind-complementary lighting, etc.;

Urban lighting: landscape lighting, lighting engineering technical equipment, intelligent control and distribution system, outdoor laser technology products, etc.

Lamps and lighting: road lighting lamps, courtyard and landscape lamps, solar energy lamps, indoor decoration lamps, flashlights, building lamps, industrial and mining lamps,

Projection lamp, non-polar lamp, embedded lamp, Marine lamp, special lamp, underwater lamp, emergency lamp, etc.

LED lighting :LED outdoor/indoor lighting (fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, spotlight, line lamp, street lamp, etc.), high-power LED lighting, LED display

Monochrome, dual-color display, module module, traffic lights, LED traffic signs, drive and control system, etc.

LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: point glue machine, filling machine, patch machine, solid crystal machine, reflow welding, wave soldering, winding machine, color/light splitter,

Automatic production equipment such as spectral testing instrument, laser equipment, moisture-proof cabinet and purification equipment;

LED packaging: epitaxial and chip, packaging technology, packaging glue, diode, patch LED, high-power LED, lattice module, organic silicon, aluminum substrate, support, IC, capacitive resistance, LED/OLED other applications and technologies, etc.

LED advertising light source series: LED word, light box, patch module, LED light bar, guardrail, neon

The detailed information

The 14th hunan LED lighting technology exhibition 2019

When: March 15-17, 2019

Venue: changsha red star international convention and exhibition center

Hunan LED lighting market, your wise choice

With the continuous progress of social economy and the continuous improvement of LED display technology, people's awareness of LED lighting products is getting deeper and deeper, and its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. LED lighting has been transformed from "lighting engineering auxiliary lighting" to "indoor commercial lighting" and "home lighting".

In recent years, the rapid economic development of hunan, the acceleration of urban and rural road construction, and the implementation of airport, subway, light rail and other municipal projects have made hunan's LED lighting market leap to a new level. With the basic popularization of LED lighting products and the maturity of technology, hunan LED lighting market has great development potential. Welcome LED lighting manufacturers to xiangxiang common development, actively expand the LED lighting market in hunan!

LED lighting products have been fully penetrated in the domestic market. Despite the increase of adverse factors in the external environment, LED lighting industry still maintains a rapid growth trend. In order to help LED lighting enterprises understand the development situation, integrate industrial resources, and enhance exchanges and cooperation, the 14th hunan LED lighting technology exhibition 2019 will set up a win-win exchange platform for lighting enterprises.

We will build on hunan, hubei, jiangxi, guizhou, guangxi, chongqing, sichuan and the surrounding areas such as road and bridge engineering, landscape engineering, architectural engineering, city distribution/agent, invite professional users/seller the, increase the LED lighting products are popularized and applied in various fields, so as to promote healthy and orderly development of LED lighting industry.