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Recruitment For The Euroluce Lighting Fair In Milan, Italy 2019

Nov 05, 2018

Basic information:

Exhibition time: 2019/4/9 to 2019/4/14

Exhibition venue: new milan international exhibition center

Host: COSMIT & federlegno-arredo

Contractor: Cosmit co., milan, Italy

Scope of exhibition:


1. Electric lamp, outdoor lamp, indoor lamp, industrial lamp, special-purpose lamp, interior design lighting, household and decorative lamp;

2. Bulb, lamp tube, discharge lamp tube, bulb and accessories, LED technology;

3. Lighting control system, electronic tube, lighting system auxiliary engineering: electrical installation and system technology for building, construction electricity installation and connection technology, building information and communication technology, electrical detection system, building intelligent technology, etc

The detailed information

The 39th Italy (milan) international lamp exhibition (Euroluce)

Our company specially arranges a set of tour itinerary for enterprises without booth, and the price is affordable. All units are welcome to join the tour! You can also buy tickets for the exhibition

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Host: COSMIT & federlegno-arredo

Exhibition time: April 9 to 14, 2019 (2 years and 1 odd year)

Where: the new milan international exhibition center (fieramano-s.s. 33 del Sempione n. 28)

Host: Cosmit, milan, Italy

The 39th Italy international lamp show (Euroluce, odd years held) is Italy's top lighting show, and as the world with

The top exhibition of home furnishing design milan international furniture exhibition and "milan design week" with its great design, excellent layout, surging

The crowd for the elements, known as the world's first furniture, decoration gala. Is the world's furniture, home, building, clothing, accessories

, lamps and lanterns, design professionals once a year "pilgrimage" the design holy land.

Currently, milan furniture fair is held in mid - late April every year, including the annual home furniture exhibition and decoration exhibition

In every two years the lamps and lanterns exhibition is held by odd number year, and kitchen furniture exhibition and office furniture exhibition meet even number year to hold. Milan countries

The international furniture semi - finished and accessory exhibition (Sasmil) is held every may

COSMIT took over, making furniture production and home furnishings a collaborative exhibition system. It is worth mentioning that it appeared in 1998

"Salone Satellite" is a vast arena for design, for young people coming out of their hometowns

Showing off its avant-garde design works, this exhibition has become a crucible for cultivating young designers in the field of design. And so it is, more and more

Most of the designs that first appeared in the salon exhibition hall later became products on the standard production line of large companies. As the

With the increase in long-term contracts between companies and young designers, the experimental field has matured and gained wide acceptance

The international mainstream media is paying more and more attention. And the personage of Chinese furniture design when visiting milan international furniture exhibition, should spend more

Take time to observe the design activities of milan design week! At milan furniture fair: there are not only people in the furniture and home furnishing industry,

There are also many interior and space designers and architects In this huge pavilion, people can not only see the furniture,

The newest trend of adorn article, in dimensional material, the way that show, building form, have extremely high value, the world is a few

The top architects and designers created home furnishings on this stage, almost every master architect in the home decoration and living

There are great achievements on the house. Immerse yourself, face the stream of visitors, let you thoroughly feel in the home of the country

A new wave of fashion in the residential market. Suitable for the crowd: in recent years, the milan furniture fair has increasingly influenced Chinese design

Big. After shenzhen was awarded the title of "the city of design" by UNESCO, Chinese designers became even more popular

Go to milan to study and observe. Suitable for: interior designers, exhibition designers, real estate developers, furniture manufacturers, home

Have trader, household sells, furniture stylist to wait. You can also say: as long as you are interested, milan will feel not worthy of this trip!

Furniture fair in milan, Italy generally includes:

1. The 54th Italy milan international furniture fair (once a year)

2. The 54th milan international furniture semi-finished products and accessories exhibition (once a year)

3. The 37th Italy international lamp exhibition (Euroluce, held in odd years)

4. The 30th milan international office furniture exhibition (Salone Ufficio, held in odd years)

5. The 32nd international decoration exhibition (once a year)

6. The 20th milan international kitchen and bathroom furniture fair (Eurocucin, even years)

7. The 17th international young person of tomorrow (Salone Satellite, once a year)

8. The 15th milan design week (co-held since 2000)