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About Our The Fashion Led Linear Lighting

Nov 24, 2018

We are offers a high performance LED linear lights that is ideal in household, office, commercial, industrial and other applications. Compared with traditional tube, led linear light has a great advantage than it, it is brighter, energy saving and long life span.

The design structure of the led linear light is different from other lamps, this is more fashionable and elegant. Adopted high strength aluminum, high transmittance of diffuser-plate and  entire board lamp chips; with the little light decay and better heat dissipation, the lamp lifespan is more than 50000 hours.Its power factor is more than 0.90, and the light effect is more than 90 lm/w, no stroboscopic and Ra>80. Besides, you can adjust the brightness according to different needs and environment by the DALI Intelligent System.

led linear light

More important, its length can be infinitely extended and flexible assembly. The installation also has a variety of ways, like recessed, surface mounted and suspended. This will bring us a lot of convenience. that is very suitable for Europe and North America market. So, what are you waiting for, welcome to contact a professional led  linear expert .

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