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Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Set Up The First Intellectual Property Protection Workstation

Dec 03, 2018

According to the China Quality News, Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry set up an intellectual property protection workstation, which is the first intellectual property protection workstation established by Shenzhen high-end manufacturing industry. 

The establishment of the semiconductor lighting industry intellectual property protection workstation, by the Shenzhen market and Quality Supervision Committee, Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association jointly initiated the establishment. Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association currently has more than 400 member enterprises, many of which are listed companies and new three-board enterprises. 

In recent years, many member enterprises in the "go out" process has repeatedly been the United States "337 survey", heavy losses, profound lessons, but also caused the Shenzhen municipal government to attach great importance to the semiconductor lighting industry intellectual property protection workstation is set up in this context. After the establishment of the intellectual property protection work station, will arrange a person responsible for, through publicity and training, improve the intellectual property protection awareness and skills of enterprise members, collect members ' needs for intellectual property protection work, rely on professional service institutions, for enterprises to participate in domestic and foreign economic and trade activities to provide timely, professional and efficient intellectual property rights services, 

Improve the industry's domestic and foreign market competitiveness. Shenzhen Market and Quality Supervision Committee on the semiconductor Lighting industry intellectual property protection workstation has high hopes, requires Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry Development Promotion Association to give full play to the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the industry association, do a good job in the basic training of workstations, guidance, rights protection platform services, leading the industry to jointly address intellectual property challenges, 

And for the further development of the indusry intellectual property layout analysis and operation of high-end services to lay a good foundation. 

Shenzhen the relevant head of the marketing and Quality Regulatory Commission told reporters that in recent years, Shenzhen high-end manufacturing industry in the process of participating in international competition has been some lessons, but also exposed some problems. First, most enterprises have a weak sense of intellectual property protection, in the event of disputes there is no positive response to the ability and measures, the negative attitude of enterprises to deal with irreparable losses; second, the cohesion of trade associations and combat effectiveness is not strong, still satisfied with the extensive sense of export-oriented service, 

The corresponding intellectual property protection system and mechanism are not established to provide the intellectual property rights services required by member enterprises. At present, the Shenzhen municipal government has taken the lead in establishing the strictest intellectual property protection system in the country, deploying the establishment of a large intellectual property protection system based on judicial leadership, administrative protection, arbitration mediation, industry self-discipline and social supervision, in which industry self-discipline and enterprise self-protection are the prerequisites and internal causes for the protection of intellectual property rights. 

is the fundamental and foundation of the great protection system and deserves to be vigorously advocated and developed. 

It is also understood that the United States "337 survey" refers to the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) under the United States Customs Act of 1930 (Tariff Act of 1930) Section No. 337 ("337 article") and related amendments to investigate. 

The investigation prohibits all unfair trade practices in all exports to the United States, including "infringement of legally valid U.S. trademarks and patents, or infringement of exclusive rights to layout-design of integrated circuit chips, or infringement of other design rights protected by United States law". According to the data as of 2016, China has been the largest victim of the 337 survey for 15 consecutive years, and in the relevant cases that have been adjudicated, the failure rate of Chinese enterprises is higher than the world average. While the "337 survey" is not country-specific, an increasing number of multinationals are using the "337" to bind other companies into a trend. 

Therefore, Chinese enterprises "go out" must pay more attention to overseas intellectual property layout and rights protection. From this point of view, the Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry intellectual property protection workstation has great potential.