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February 2019 United States (Las Vegas)

Dec 19, 2018

Exhibition Time: 2019/2/27 to 2019/3/1

Venue: Las Vegas Organizer: Strategies in light/the LED show/lightspace California American lighting technology/led/space overall lighting exhibition and conference is a highly professional event in the lighting technology industry, so far has been successfully held 19 sessions. The exhibition is hosted by the American PennWell Group.

   As a leading exhibition organizer and renowned distributor of the world's energy and consumption industry, PennWell Group has made the American lighting exhibition a premier industry event in North America with its extensive industry experience and professional information platform. With the continuous expansion of the exhibition area, the number and quality of exhibitors continue to rise, buyers professional degree of continuous improvement, sil/led/lightspace exhibition for the lighting industry leading products, services and technology providers to provide a professional platform and excellent display opportunities, Enable all parties in the industry chain to communicate the latest trends, leading technologies and market solutions for the development of the industry. 

After 19 years of development, the exhibition, with its high-quality trading platform, attracts a high quality audience and provides a high quality exhibitor experience for exhibitors around the world.


Exhibitor Scope:

Professional Lighting: Indoor lighting, outdoor/street lighting, public lighting, architectural lighting, advertising lighting, engineering lighting, factory lighting, industrial and mining lighting, emergency lighting, solar lights; Decorative lighting: chandelier, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, crystal lamp and other lighting; LED lighting and applications: LED semiconductor lighting, LED packaging/modules, LED components and materials, LED manufacturing/testing equipment, etc. professional lighting: neon lights, stage, film, TV lights, etc. light source: incandescent lamps such as halogen bulbs,

Gas discharge lamps such as fluorescent lamps and high-strength emissions lamps, other such as high-frequency cathode lamps; Lamp accessories: lampshade, Reflector, switch, socket, ballast, capacitor, relay, wire, cable, lamp head, lamp holder, electronic components, lamp tray, bracket, wire matching device; lighting control system.