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Competing With Samsung, Boe Is Developing OLED Panels With Integrated Touch Functions To Snag Apple Orders

Apr 15, 2019

Recently, both samsung and huawei have launched fold-screen smart phones, which have become the focus of attention, and relevant component manufacturers are also eager to break into the supply chain and create new business opportunities.Media reports indicate that BOE, a large panel manufacturer, is currently building a production line and will launch new flexible OLED panels with integrated touch functions in the future, challenging South Korea's samsung, the leader in this field.

The report said jd.com will update some of its production lines at its B11 plant in mianyang, sichuan province, and is ready to start production of new flexible OLED panels with integrated touch functions.Currently, samsung is the only panel manufacturer in the world that can integrate touch functions.It is not clear how advanced boe's display technology is, but it is said to have the technical capabilities in place for mass production.

The report cited supply chain sources as saying boe decided to follow suit after seeing samsung create a highly profitable market by introducing panel products that integrate touch sensors.The production line is set up at the B11 plant in mianyang, sichuan province, which is boe's second six-generation OLED panel plant in the region.

In addition, boe is trying to enter this field mainly in the hope of providing OLED panels to apple.That's because apple plans to use samsung's flexible OLED panels with integrated touch functions in its high-end iphones.And since the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, apple has stuck with the plug-in touch panel.More recently, apple has also begun pushing plans for flexible OLED panels that incorporate touch features, which would make the iPhone thinner.

Boe became apple's panel supplier in 2018 with a program called the L6.Currently, the L7 is being developed to provide apple with the latest display.However, it has always been the procurement principle of apple that it can reduce the supply risk and lower the purchase price by cooperating with multiple component suppliers.Therefore, if boe's products meet the requirements in the future, apple is likely to purchase flexible OLED panels with integrated touch functions from boe, further deepening the cooperation between the two sides.