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Delivery The 350PCS UL Led Panel Lights And 500PCS Led Linear High Bay Lights To Los Angeles

Jun 20, 2017

Delivery the 350PCS UL led panel lights and 500PCS led linear high bay lights to Los Angeles,thanks for support from our customers, in order to delivery in time, although it is rainy day, but we insisted delivery, in the meantime, we ensure the goods are not wet. that is our promises, so we need to keep words.

showing the delivery live picture as follow:

LED Llinear high bay light.jpg

led linear high bay lights parameter:

led linear high bay lights.jpg


best selling products ;

120cm 240W LED Linear High Bay

90cm 150W LED Linear High Bay

60cm 100W LED Linear High Bay

please contact us ,Email: sales@luxsky-led.com andy@luxsky-light.com .we will reply you in 24 hours .