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What Are The Industries Related To Led Intelligent Lighting?

Jul 13, 2017

Since Edison invented the light bulb, the first time to make people see the light. Our human lighting has undergone a lot of changes, and each change is accompanied by the rise of an industry, and the current led intelligent lighting related industries, you know?

Human illumination experienced from the initial flame light, to the incandescent lamp and HPS lighting, to the rise in recent years LED lighting, every a times the light source technology revolution, has brought new opportunities to derive new market patterns. The previous period of time large lighting network for "at present, the market penetration rate of smart lighting products?" "Market research, targeted at market terminals in the business community." The results showed that 60% of the respondents believed that "the market penetration rate is below 10%". The overall market environment is so good, then what are the related economic industry chain to promote the development of intelligent lighting?


                                  Three major economic chains that complement the intelligent illumination

The new blue Sea in the street lamp industry with the wisdom City

2017, the national implementation of the smart city planning the landing of the key year, is expected to build 140 of smart cities nationwide, creating a huge market of more than 500 billion yuan. Street lamps such as blood vessels and nerves cover the body of the city, with a "network, a bit, a Pole" the trinity of characteristics, is the main carrier of Intelligent city, so the wisdom of street lights will be the first site of Smart city transformation, is the city to the main threshold of the process of wisdom.

 Data show that from 2004 to 2014, the number of urban road lights in China from 1,053. 150,000 to more than 30 million. 2014, China led street market penetration rate of more than 20%. The penetration rate is expected to increase to 39% by 2020. The future with the Internet, 5G network, cloud computing and other new information technology widely used, intelligent city has become an inevitable trend, and smart Street as an important part of the construction of Intelligent city, not only will be the policy of strong support, but also usher in a broader space for development.

Tang Huanxian, a software center at the Cloud Computing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also said that because of the nature of the lamppost, it was capable of carrying a variety of functions, such as installing WiFi free internet equipment, monitoring and monitoring functions, electric vehicles "charging piles" and detecting PM2. 5, make it a breakthrough to build a smart city, much attention from all over the government, at present in the country has more than 300 cities in the cloth point of Wisdom street lights.

The rapid construction of intelligent city, such as blood-vessel-like existence of street lamps, more than 300 intelligent city led by the wisdom of the production of the future immeasurable.

Intelligent home together intelligent lighting unstoppable

Intelligent lighting is an important part of the smart home category, and since the iphone, ipad, and Android phones and tablets are becoming more popular, smart lighting is getting closer to the families of ordinary consumers. From the smart bulb, to smart lampholders and intelligent control box products have been exposed, including the emergence of Philipshue bulb, the first time to open the ordinary family of intelligent lighting scene changes magic veil, opened the low consumption, environmental protection, dimming, color of intelligent Home lighting new chapter.

Recalling the 2016 year, a large number of domestic enterprises in the layout of intelligent lighting market, such as Huawei, Millet, Haier, ZTE, Jingdong and other more well-known brands to start Cross-border intelligent lighting, Layout smart home related industrial chain.

April 2016, Huawei and OP Lighting signed smart Home Strategic cooperation framework Agreement, in the field of intelligent home to establish strategic partnership; in October 2016, Haier launched its professional lighting brand Haier Butler, the goal is to become a leader in intelligent lighting industry; November 2016, Philips Lighting and Millet signed agreement, the new joint venture company, the development of intelligent interconnection home lighting.

The big giants have intelligent lighting as a starting point to open the intelligent home entrance, intelligent home combined with the development of intelligent lighting space, with the improvement of living standards, their output will be more widespread application, the value of the industry is also immeasurable.

Nightscape illumination in the development of night economy

Data show that in China, Beijing Wangfujing more than 1 million people peak passenger flow is in the night market, Shanghai night business sales accounted for 50% of the day, Chongqing more than 2/3 of the catering turnover is realized at night, Guangzhou service industry output of 55% from the night economy.

The famous natural scenery of a city in the evening, through the local government to implement the landscape illumination/lighting engineering project, can continue the beautiful scenery, enhance the local night economy, the timeline covers the evening seven o'clock to the next morning of all kinds of consumption, such as: Ticket income, catering, shopping, accommodation and other related consumption, "night economy" brought about by the efficient income, has become a new impetus for modern urban economic development.

China's urban nightscape lighting construction required lighting, light, wire and cable, control facilities and related materials, equipment is huge, but also for domestic and foreign production enterprises to provide a broad market. China is currently the world's largest lighting source of light production and use. Many foreign manufacturers to China to set up factories and sales products, which has made a lot of contribution to the development of the world economy. Europe and the United States to sell a large number of lighting products to China, China's urban nightscape lighting construction of the European and American countries employment, economic development work, but also directly affect the domestic lighting products related industry development.

Summary: After the last two years of continuous research and development, everyone on the smart lighting acceptance of more and more high, before when talking about intelligent lighting most people think is still just a concept, and the development has now begun to achieve partial landing. and intelligent lighting complementary economic chain more than three points, glimpse, visible, intelligent lighting this piece of "blue sea" potential unlimited.

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