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Lighting Design Of The Highest Level:led Strip Lights Decorating The World.

Jul 14, 2017

Light in the space, like the air in life

Light and dark friendship, giving space to the soul

Light belt

Space as people face, but also need to "make-up", lighting is the most amazing "make-up". The beauty of music is the most professional linear lighting "cosmetics" suppliers.

Lighting design of the highest state, is not only make space look elegant and light, but also highlights the sense of space level. In these magical "make-up", the lamp design is the most designer favorite. Now many designers in the interior design process, the natural use of space in the "light belt", it appears to increase the level of the indoor environment, rich light environment.

led light.jpg

strip lights .jpg

A staircase hand under the light of the band, not only make the stairway three-dimensional sense of a more clear, but also to solve the staircase lighting problems.

With a combination of light with the shelf, both functional and very good lighting effects, but also highlights the three-dimensional space.

The environment shines like the light in the open field, the hint of light in the morning after the snow, the evening lake water against the sunset, although the environment does not directly light, but the light has changed, the ambient light can generate a "no Shadow lighting ".

Shining glory as the waves on the creek, the sun through the window cave into the room of a beam of light, banquet hall candles, crystal light spot, the light can stimulate the nerve, is dynamic, is colorful

strip lamps..jpg

Light belt can be arbitrarily molded and controlled length. Without the need for the main lights, indirect lighting in the lit space at the same time, more emphasis on the atmosphere of rendering and create. Light with a unique fit and concealment, but also allow people who love life to gain more surprises. Layering, three-dimensional sense, is the need to achieve another purpose through the lighting. The light is hidden on the top, the wall, or the ground to outline the space.

The LED Strip Light is an ideal product with its more colors to be chosen, feasible length to be cuteasy installation and are popular with client to use them for indoor or outdoor decorating. 

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