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LED Ball-type Lighting UAV, LEAP Development

Jul 15, 2017

NTT DoCoMo (Japanese: nttドコモ) is a Japanese telecoms company. Japan's largest mobile telecoms operator, with more than 60 million subscribers. 3G network services are provided throughout Japan and LTE commercial network services were provided as early as 2010.

The name "DoCoMo" means "do-communication over the mobile network" (telecommunications communication without boundaries) in the first word, Japanese has the meaning of "omnipresent", in the mainland and Taiwan's branch office translated as "Ke-mo" (Beijing, Taipei) or "Guest Dream" (Shanghai).

 LED lighting.jpg

In her Super Bowl show earlier this year, the 300 Intel Shooting Star drones lit up the night sky behind her, which was spectacular. However, it is not easy to accurately control hundreds of drones by computer. On the 2nd of the week, the telecoms giant NTT DoCoMo unveiled a seemingly excellent light UAV solution.

LED Lightings

NTT DoCoMo says the UAV is the world's first spherical lighting UAV. Structurally, it consists of a spherical outer frame and an internal led frame, and eight bending led strips extend from the top to the bottom. The spherical frame is about 88 centimeters in diameter (about 34.5 inches) and the entire device with a UAV weighs only 3.4 kg. The resolution of the LED display is 144 136, and inside is a protruding arm from the bottom of the UAV.

In flight, the LED frame rotates rapidly, creating an illusion of a solid-state image. NTT DoCoMo says the drones are highly maneuverable and can operate in almost any place, such as advertising on a concert hall or stage, or even as part of a show.


So dazzling led UAV, is it to make you yearn? LED technology development and extension make life better.