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By The "area All The Way" Dongfeng, Domestic LED Display Promising!

Jul 18, 2017

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To say that a more recent time a topic of fire, not "all the way" International Cooperation Summit Forum! Our great China as a home country, naturally feel very honored! And the small part as a led industry practitioners, actually "along the way" can give led industry what kind of change? We might as well have a look!

From the fall of 2013, President Xi Jinping, in Kazakhstan and Indonesia, proposed the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and from May 14, 2017 to 15th, "the way" International Cooperation Summit forum in Beijing Grand opening. More than 1500 Chinese and foreign guests, including more than 850 foreign guests, covering more than 130 countries, more than 70 international organizations, of which 68 countries and China signed a strategic partnership. Over the past 4 years, the construction of the "area along the road" has gradually changed from concept to action, from vision to reality and fruitful in construction.

"Along the way" initiative to show a strong attraction and appeal, and to discuss the principle of shared sharing, and open and inclusive characteristics of integration, and the concept of mutual benefit and win, closely linked with the world development trend. The fruitful results of the construction of the "area along the road" are the result of the joint efforts of the participating countries. In this process, Chinese enterprises by the Wind "sea", with the local government and enterprises to carry out close and in-depth cooperation. The construction of "the area along the way" gives a new impetus to the development of the world, and also provides the opportunity for Chinese enterprises to temper international competitiveness.


For the LED industry, in recent years, domestic competition is fierce, the market is close to the "saturation" state, many enterprises have been targeting overseas markets, with foreign cooperation, expand overseas markets, overseas channels of investment and construction, injection of foreign companies. "Made in China" LED display has been countless abroad, the world sold 10 LED display, of which 8 are from China. China is the world's leading LED display production and export base, China LED display companies to produce more than 80% of the world's LED display, currently more than 160 countries in the world to buy LED display from China. Europe and America is our country LED display output main market, but along with North America, European market tends to be saturated, plus market access difficulty enlarges, in recent years more domestic LED display export enterprise will turn to "along the way" the city and some emerging markets.

China has for LED display Enterprises "all the way" bright green, "the area along the road" in the country for LED display companies are a piece of "fat", these LED display blank countries, just need these LED display enterprise "Fill", just form complementary relationship. LED display companies also naturally catch the "all the way" this ship. In addition to the LED display companies brought new markets, "the area all the way" can also give LED display to solve what problem?

At present, LED display industry capacity is in the excess stage, so, LED display industry can use "the area all the way" to transfer a lot of excess capacity overseas, using the local huge market demand, we are now these solidified capacity into a new investment, not only can solve the overcapacity, but also can pull these areas of economic growth, so as to achieve mutual benefit.

For example, for example, China LED display companies sell LED display to foreign countries, but earn all foreign currency, returned to buy raw materials are RMB, so enterprises take foreign currency to the bank to exchange renminbi, the bank's foreign currency is more and more flowers do not go out, and at this time there are no funds along the country and in the LED display industry is scarce, then the bank can find domestic LED display enterprises and the country to cooperate, China pays, domestic LED display enterprises contracted raw materials and technology. If a foreign country with a financial problem is unable to repay the funds, then China will propose that the enterprise should make the repayment with the profits earned. In this way, the country can not spend a penny on the construction of LED display factory, learned the technology, increased the local employment, China also spent foreign exchange, digestion of excess capacity, enterprises can also make money to achieve a double win.

At the same time, from the "area all the way" national strategy to look at the original intention, not a new round of international increment, but the real globalization of the new strategy, to achieve a global integration of the total win. First, China's pursuit of a multilateral win is not unilateral, and second, China is not hoping to transfer excess capacity, and the production capacity of China and foreign countries to win, the output of the Chinese manufacturing system, methods and means, with the local country's resources, manpower, industry, etc. to get through; Moreover, not only the pursuit of simple to go out, but also to seek to introduce, to achieve China and the global countries to win.

Therefore, for the Chinese LED display enterprises, "along the way" national strategy implementation and promotion, not just simply participate in the overseas market business opportunities of the cake, Rob sites, Europe and the United States and other overseas as a second, the third China market, to achieve the continued growth of revenue scale and profit; it is designed to encourage more Chinese enterprises to go out, embrace the world actively, and integrate the world's top resources, including technology, talent and wisdom, and stand on the stage to reshape the new strength of Chinese enterprises.

Now, "along the way" construction has taken a solid step, the next step is to promote its stability and the future. Participate in the "All the way" construction, the benefit of the people of the world, in the cooperation of the Chinese Communists win, in the construction and sharing of the forward, China led show enterprises to be heavy and road far, let us look forward to LED display industry how "play" this "drama."

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