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2018 Changchun LED Lighting Exposition Ahead Of Time

Jul 28, 2017

The annual LED event Changchun LED Lighting Expo in the intense planning, together to see the 2018 Changchun LED lighting Expo ahead of the plan!

Changchun is located in the city center of northeast China, the largest economy, culture, commerce, Technology and Transportation center. With the expansion of opening-up, Changchun has become one of the most attractive economic center cities in the world with its unique regional advantages. In particular, the CPC Central Committee put forward the revitalization of the grand strategy of northeast, Changchun not only for China and the world's economic development will play an important role.

 Changchun Since 1998 has successfully held 20 advertising and LED lighting exposition, the exhibition with its large scale, high grade, professional strong to become China's advertising industry, one of the exhibition event. Changchun has also become one of China's largest outdoor advertising processing production base. 2018 Exhibition We will invite more new technologies, equipment, new materials of enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and we have a sound channel and methods of publicity, exhibition scale of more than 20,000 square meters, booth number of more than 1000, exhibitors more than 500, the estimated audience of more than 50,000 people. With the success of previous experience, coupled with first-class exhibition companies, first-class facilities of the venue, the exhibition will certainly achieve great success. At the same time, in order to better serve the exhibitors, the General Assembly will be directed free of charge to the northeast, north China, the northwest region of the professional visitors issued 500,000 tickets, then, will certainly for the industry and commerce, advertising, printing, lighting of the Friends of the industry to provide a market, the great opportunity to expand the picture. Northeast advertising industry, LED photoelectric lighting, lighting industry will follow this exhibition to enter a new stage of development. Revitalize the Northeast, Changchun first, business opportunities difficult to find, grasp that win! We sincerely welcome you to the exhibition.


Organizer/Changchun Advertising Association

Organizer/Changchun Victoria Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Support unit/Changchun Industrial and commercial administration Jilin Province printing Technology Institute Jilin Province Market Association Jilin Province Advertising Association

Exhibition scope

I. Advertising Products

1, advertising production technology equipment

Digital inkjet equipment, image photo equipment, engraving cutting equipment, acrylic blister equipment, desktop printing technology and equipment, chief officer face printing equipment, color prepress system, color film production equipment, rapid production equipment, logo, signs production equipment, card equipment, mounting, splicing, binding equipment, screen printing and thermal transfer equipment.

2, advertising materials and materials

Inkjet Cloth, light box cloth, photo photographic paper, a variety of reflective materials, inkjet ink, advertising film stickers, stickers, timely stickers, light boxes, light box stickers, all kinds of plates, plexiglass, advertising equipment, spare parts.

3, Logo signs.

4. Exhibition display equipment and materials.

5. All kinds of light boxes

6. Advertising gifts, books, galleries, software, gas molds, etc.

7, advertising photography technology and equipment, image processing system, new media.

Second, LED products

1, LED semiconductor lighting and applications

LED display, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED backlight, LED automotive lights, solar energy, led applications and so on

2, led lattice, module, digital tube, control system, IC; LED light-emitting diode, stereo light-emitting word, OLED (organic light-emitting diode), LD (laser diode), El (Electronic lighting), high-power led.

3, LED packaging and supporting materials: LED Chip, epitaxial film, led fluorescent powder, glue, silicone, substrate and so on.

4, LED manufacturing/testing equipment:

Dispensing machine, solid crystal machine, welding wire machine, light/color separation machine, LED cutting machine, spectrum detector, moisture-proof box.

Third, neon light products

1. Neon tube, neon transformer, light-emitting diode, Flash.


Exhibition Time: March 13, 2018-15th

Exhibition Time: March 16, 2018-18th

Withdrawal Time: March 19, 2018

Comprehensive and effective publicity to ensure high-quality audience

1 The audience organization: The organizer and the Changchun Advertising Association uses the database and the customer network to invite more than 50,000 professionals to visit, exchange negotiations, trade.

2 The source of the audience: the head of the advertising company, advertising industry, advertising products dealers, wood industry, printing and engraving advertising companies, the major organs and institutions, urban construction management departments, leading shopping malls, major restaurant leaders, photocopying, typing clubs, images and wedding photo studio.

3 Exhibition Publicity: In the northeast important cities such as: Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, Jilin, Beijing, Daqing, Qiqihar, Jiamusi and other cities of the press, radio, television for a full range of publicity reports.

4) Network propaganda: The invitation letter to the exhibition to the major enterprises in the form of e-mail messages to the relevant enterprises and institutions to send information to the leadership.

5 Media publicity: In the "Celebrity ads", come to the logo network, digital Signage network, LED large screen, engraving machine brand Network, the Sea Business Network, the first LED network, advertising trading network, China's advertising media network, China ad four new network, advertising Yellow Pages network, China Exhibition Network, China Inkjet Network, China logo Network, China Inkjet Network, spread advertising network, Lighting Express network, senior engineer LED network, Landscape lighting network, global logo network, China led advertising lighting network, China Lighting Network, International LED advisory Network, global logo Network , Wide-band jet printing network, LED global online, led network of talents, screen printing world, Ming million network, China touch Screen Network, the week semiconductor lighting network, China's advertising industry network, "industry-wide information", "LED technology", "Golden Sail Consulting", "the Spirit of the media", "translation business advertising", "advertising front", "Brand LED lighting information", "advertising products and production", "inkjet printing and print Industry" magazine and other 30 domestic and foreign media published advertising.

6 exhibition Materials: The organizing committee will print invitations, visit tickets, exhibitions, previews and other information in the form of direct mail to invite professionals to visit.