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Telligent LED Street Lights Capture Chicago, USA

Aug 07, 2017


LED lighting application of the rapid development, making more and more cities will be more applications LED lighting lamps! Especially along with the rise of intelligent cities over the years. This cosmopolitan city has done this amazing thing!

Chicago plans to replace 250,000 intelligent led streetlights in America's largest smart street plan. Ameresco, the renewable energy company, will work with the IoT programme supplier, silver Spring networks, to convert about 85% of Chicago's existing streetlights into intelligent led streetlights, in a 4-year infrastructure modernisation program.


The Multi-Stage infrastructure modernisation program will begin in the summer of 2017, according to the Smart Cities World Report. The new LED street lamp estimation can be compared with the existing street lamp province 50~75%.

Silver Spring's IPV6 platform can control the switch streetlights remotely according to the actual demand, also can carry on the initiative maintenance from the long-distance monitoring, the street lamp fault also can quicken the maintenance.

At least half of the LED streetlights installed in the first year will be assembled at the Chicago plant, and at least 50% of the works will be employed by Chicago residents. The first phase will carry out a full survey of Chicago existing street lamps, at least half of whom will be graduates of the Chicago Public School's vocational and technical courses, construction technology training courses, or even a stranger apprenticeship program.

Mike Bell, a Silver spring executive, said Chicago's street-lamp renovation plan would be one of the biggest modernisation plans to date in the US. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's commitment to the latest IoT technology to improve people's living standards is inspiring, and hopes to see this plan will lay the groundwork for future smart city applications.

The intelligent LED Street lamp will be owned and operated by Chicago, hosted by Silver Spring Networks and its streetlight. Vision Control and management system software support.

The economic benefits and benefits of Intelligent street lighting network include assisting urban prudent management of resources and achieving sustainable development goals. The smart street lighting infrastructure will be integrated into the Chicago 311 system. The Chicago Public Construction Fund (CIT) will work closely with the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Chicago Park Service in this procurement program.

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