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In Order To Avoid The Damage To The Landscape Lamp, The City Replaced It With LED Light Source.

Aug 07, 2017

The appearance of lighting so that human lighting has moved towards a new field, especially in recent years LED lighting rapid rise, but also to our life has brought great convenience. However, compared with the LED light source, the traditional lighting has some prominent problems that we need to focus on!

Recently sustained high temperature, landscape lights may hurt people's problems once again aroused the attention of the general public. From this year onwards, City lighting administration plans to fully replace the landscape lighting source in the area. At present, has completed 500 sets of new LED light source landscape lamp replacement work.

As the management Department of public landscape lighting facilities in the Soviet area, the city lighting administration has been paying attention to the possible wounding problems from the landscape lamp since 2011, preventing such problems from being hot-pressing and anti-theft. At present, the city lighting management directly managed by all kinds of landscape lights 17. 760,000 lights, all kinds of lamps with 14. 540,000 meters, mainly set in the city entrance, elevated bridge, Public Square, park green space, moat and tourist attractions. 

According to the survey, there are about 17000 sets of buried lights, light bulbs, and 10% of them near the pedestrian route. In view of this part of the facility, the department plans to gradually the original glare of serious, light bulb when the temperature of the high landscape lamp replacement for both energy-saving, glare and the greatest degree in maintaining brightness, beauty while reducing the heat source LED light source. At present, has completed 500 sets of new LED light source landscape lamp replacement, the area is mainly concentrated in personnel-intensive city walls, squares around. This year, the department is also planning to replace 8000 sets of the outer ring of the old Town River, which is expected to complete all 17000 sets of lamps before the end of 2018. 

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