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Which A Hundred Thousand Of SUVs Have Led All The Headlights

Aug 07, 2017

The application of LED car headlamps has become the mainstream trend in the automotive market, while in the automotive field, there has always been an unspoken hobby that is the light conversion. And not as before the original halogen lamp to change xenon lamp, now more and more people like to change LED lights!

But some people over the pursuit of brightness, but make the LED headlights back on some "bad reputation." In fact, as a new era of products, LED lamp has a lot of advantages, such as the following points.

LED headlamps have long range, high brightness, light uniformity and low energy consumption, long service life, light speed and other advantages, so at night when the use of LED headlamps will feel particularly bright, which also greatly increased the safety of the driving, for regular night driving people, led headlamps can be said to be a great gospel. If you have a single clock on the LED, and do not want to change after the big lamp trouble, then choose this several more than 100,000 yuan is equipped with LED headlamps of the SUV it!

Uncle Brick Comment: Zhongtai in the eyes of consumers is a copy big Boss, imitation Volkswagen, copied Porsche, can say nothing. But T700 is very special, it is not easy to find a copy prototype car. The most original T700 in the Thai family are not only high in value, but also very large in space. Most importantly, the new car configuration level is also very high, all the standard led near and far headlamps and daytime traffic lights, as well as electric tail door and window clamp and other quite practical configuration, the price is really high.

Uncle Brick Comment: Geely Bo Yue as an autonomous SUV in the representative model, its space performance, power level and chassis texture is very good, Bo Yue Yan value is very high, into a lot of Chinese elements. The interior uses the Hangzhou West Lake Arch bridge design idea, very fashionable. The configuration is also very rich, a variety of models near and far light are led light source, the high matching model offers a few of the same level of adaptive near-far light, considerable force.

Uncle Brick Comment: 7 of the appearance of the design of the red tiger used a lot of fashion elements, the whole car looks very young. Compared to the appearance, interior grade effect to create a general. Rui Hu 7 to provide a wealth of powertrain, excellent driving quality memorable. The car is also highly configurable, 1. 5T manual Yao Zun has been equipped with led far and wide lights, panoramic skylight, Automatic wiper and so on, are high gold content of the configuration, or worth considering the purchase.

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